The EU’s New “Red Tape Advisor”
Edmund Stoiber has enormous entertainment value. If indeed he happens to be able to actually cut down on EU red tape as well, all the better.
When Shale Hedges Fail: The Downside Of Three-Ways
Swaps make more sense than 3-way collars if you knew prices were going to go down the way they did, but a few months ago everyone was bullish.
How Long Could The Current Stock Rally Last?
Can stocks predict the future, and the concept of maximum flexibility.
Haikus Of Finance For The Week Of Dec. 15-19
Short, poetic takes on this week's market-impacting events,
Netflix Partners With Dish For First Big Pay-TV Partnership
Subscribers to Dish’s satellite TV service can now access Netflix right from their set-top box
The Santa Claus Rally Will Boost These Stocks
According to Bridgewater, two sectors of the market that should attract the most money over the next couple weeks are consumer discretionary and energy.
QQQ ETF In Focus As Nasdaq Announces Changes To The Index
Changes in this index are definitely going to alter the fund composition of ETFs closely tracking it.
Last Minute Fizzle Fails To Dent Best 3-Day Stock Surge In 3 Years
The Dow rips over 800 points off its lows in 3 days, S&P over 100 near record highs.. before a weak close...
Gold Daily And Silver Weekly Charts - Sic Semper Ignoramus
Gold and silver marked time today.
Biotech Bull Is Back-JUNO IPO Up 45%
Sentiment shift in a wild week: Biotech stocks rally to new highs after 4% correction.
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