Gold Daily And Silver Weekly Charts - Flight To Safety, The Cup's Rim Is In
Gold spiked higher towards $1200 today on market troubles and a weaker dollar I might add. Silver even managed to chalk up a decent gain, and is forming a little 'bowl' formation of its own on the weekly chart no less.
The Market Crash Will Start By June 20
Folks, today I am issuing an official Super Crash Warning. That means we are on the verge of a serious market crash in the near future, which I now predict will hit by summer, June 20, 2016, and it's not going to be a good one.
Here’s Why SolarCity Is Poised For Poor Q4 Earnings
For SolarCity we are calling for EPS of -$2.59 and revenue of $105.48 million, consistent with the company’s downward trends.
Twitter Stock Has A Make Or Break Week Ahead
Twitter Stock (NYSE:TWTR) has fallen over 30 percent year to date and investors are beginning to panic.
Round Trip For Emerging Markets
With all the sturm and drang about emerging markets these days, you would think they might be at all time lows. You would be close to being right.
Sellers Start Day, Buyers Finish It
Tech averages had the weakest start, Powerful gap downs had set things off, but buyers were able to make a comeback into the close. However, morning gaps remain.
Price Forecasts For The U.S. Indexes And Why The Nasdaq Could Slow The Sell-Off
The Dow has not tested its January lows, the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 are about to test their January lows, while the Nasdaq has already fallen through it. (Video Length: 00:03:27)
What To Do Now If You're Short Twitter Stock
Twitter still hasn't turned a profit and may never do so. Facebook Inc. is eating its lunch and generated $6.1 billion in free cash flow by comparison.
A CRISPR View Of Editas Medicine Inc.
Editas completed their IPO this week in a difficult market and is now the first "pure play" on CRISPR. As we evaluate Editas as an investment opportunity we'll cover some of the advantages CRISPR offers in terms of drug development.
Yelp Misses Q4 Earnings, Beats On Revenue
Yelp Inc. just released their fourth quarter fiscal 2015 earnings results, posting earnings of $-0.29 and revenue of $153.7 million.
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