Draghi Hints At More QE; Markets Jump, Euro Drops
European shares moved up at the end of the trading day as the euro lost ground on news that Greece’s debt situation can be contained once again.
True Gold Mining Has True Problems
True Gold Mining is losing money. I just thought I'd say that right off the bat so we don't waste any time beating around the African bush. The company has been around in some form since 1987 according to Yahoo Finance.
Equities Slump, Focus Shifts From ECB To US Jobs
The dovish signals from the ECB failed to offer lasting support for the global capital markets. Asia shares slumped, with the Nikkei falling to new lows since February and taking out the psychologically important 17k level.
EU Session Bullet Report – The Torch Is Passed To NFP
Yesterday the ECB kept rates unchanged however the EURUSD dropped after Mario Draghi downgraded growth as well as inflation expectations and hinted that the ECB is ready to add further QE in order to stimulate growth.
ZIRP + Recession = Death Spiral
Last week, economist Larry Summers and Bridgewater Associates Chairman Ray Dalio called for a new round of quantitative easing(QE) bond purchases.
EUR/USD Bounced From The 1.11 Level
The EUR/USD pair fell significantly during the session on Thursday, crashing towards the 1.11 level. That is an area that should be supportive, and as a result we did in fact bounce from there.
Binary Options Trading Opportunities
The Nonfarm Payroll Numbers come out during the session today, and of course this will cause quite a bit of volatility.
Recent Stock Purchase – September 2015
After a quiet August, in terms of new buys as I only made one purchase the whole month, I started September off on a much stronger note making several buys in just these first few days.
Why Capital Is Fleeing China: The Crushing Costs Of Systemic Corruption
Corruption isn't just bribes and influence-peddling: it's protecting the privileges of the few at the expense of the many.
The Right Way To Think About Gold Supply
Here’s the wrong way to think about gold supply: “Although gold’s aboveground inventory is huge compared to current production, only a tiny fraction of this gold will usually be available for sale near the current price.
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