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Article By: Lorimer Wilson
With two more rate hikes potentially on the horizon in 2017, we believe now is a good time to clear up a few wrong assumptions some market watchers are making about rate normalization.
Article By: Tyler Durden
Nearly a decade ago, Warren Buffett bet Protege Partners, a fund of hedge funds, that over the course of 10 years the S&P would outperform Protege's returns net of all fees, costs and expenses. Guess who won...
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Article By: Taki Tsaklanos
When analyzing long term stock market charts it is recommended to compare the charts on different time frames. This article features the S&P 500 on 35 years and the 100 year inflation-adjusted chart.
Article By: Marc Chandler
There were three significant position adjustments by speculators in the currency futures during the CFTC reporting week ending March 21. In the euro, the bears ran for cover and the bulls ran with the wind at their back.
Article By: Sheraz Mian
We are still three weeks away from the Q1 earnings season ramping up, but the reporting cycle has gotten underway already with earnings reports from 12 S&P 500 members already out.
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Article By: The Heisenberg Report
Markets have short memories. This time last year, China was still at the top of every trader’s list of things to be concerned about. And understandably so.
Article By: DailyFX
The Aussie must contend with a tightening Fed, and a domestic central bank which worries aloud and often that a strong currency would “complicate” Australia’s crucial transition away from reliance on the mining sector.
Article By: Tyler Durden
The key question about Trump's effectiveness now deals with the quantitative aspects of what happens next, starting with tax reform which he said will be his immediate next focus as Obamacare repeal is left indefinitely on the back burner.
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Article By: Yale Bock
If you are in business, especially in the investment world, you are trying to find leaders who specialize in solving difficult issues in the toughest of conditions. Not every business cycle will be good, often there are plenty of economic headwinds.
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Article By: Gene Inger
In market terms we need the administration to deliver the goods on taxes as well as 'capital repatriation'; otherwise there's no justification for the S&P at these still extraordinarily high levels.
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