Bear Of The Day: EOG Resources (EOG)
While the bear market in crude oil has cut many Exploration & Production (E&P) stocks in half or more, one independent (non-integrated) name has been expected to hold up better than most: EOG Resources (EOG).
Greek Vote To Test Eurozone
Just when you may have thought it was safe to jump back into the European waters following the ECB’s stimulative party, elections in Greece may rock the boat. (Video length 00:15:59)
The Year In VIX And Volatility (2014)
2014 was a very quiet year for the VIX, with a mean close of just 14.19 for the year, which is the lowest the VIX has been since 2006 and third lowest since 1995.
A Squeeze For The British Pound
I have not written about the British pound in a long time. I hope to get back in the groove soon because I think in the coming weeks and months, the British pound may be the only good option for fading the U.S. dollar whenever the moment arises (GBP/USD).
ATAC Week In Review: The Future Is Not The Past
Stocks in the US had their first positive week of 2015 as investors cheered what was already known to be coming – Quantitative Easing from the European Central Bank.
With The Fed Fading Into Shadows, Investors Look Overseas For New Catalysts
Last week, the S&P 500 put an end to its streak of weekly losses, despite giving back some gains on Friday.
Dr. Copper – The Cure For Your Commodity Blues
Commodity prices are making headlines on a daily basis.
Pact With The Devil? Syriza Projection 150 Seats; Coalition Deal Already; "Indisputable Mandate To Leave Austerity"
With vote counting nearly over, it appears Syriza captured exactly half of the 300 member Greek parliament with approximately 36.3% of the vote compared to 27.8% for New Democracy.
Forecasts For The Weeks Of January 26 And February 2
Here are my forecasts for upcoming economic data.
Building A Lifetime Portfolio, Part II: What To Consider Owning Now
Before I discuss some specific mutual funds, closed-ends and ETFs that our research has led us to consider in our asset allocation portfolios, I think it's important to illustrate one other tool we use to ensure that we have appropriate diversification among asset classes.
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