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Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
According to estimates released this week by the Federal Reserve inside its Industrial Production series, MVA’s continue to slump. At 11.18 million in July 2018, that is about the same as revised estimates for June.
Article By: TheoTrade
The Chinese economy is in free fall, which doesn’t inspire confidence that investors should go long it and short the S&P 500.
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Article By: Tyler Durden
With every passing day, it is becoming increasingly likely that Musk's "funding secured" tweet could end up the costliest in history.
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Article By: Martin Armstrong
The uncertainty seen in US markets shook Asian indices with all markets opening lower.
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Article By: Jesse's Cafe Americain
Gold and silver were bouncing quite a bit from the overnight lows but ended up with a little more modest gain over the close from yesterday.
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Article By: Jacob Meisel
The September contract settled down a bit over a percent on the day.
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Article By: John Rubino
Emerging market currencies are collapsing pretty much everywhere these days.
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Article By: TheoTrade
Tail risks for August - the monthly Merrill Lynch fund manager survey is out.
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Industrial Production in Japan is perhaps the best, most accurate barometer of the global economy and whatever its marginal direction.
Article By: Chad Brand
Canada Goose currently is valued at $6 billion USD, versus expected 2018 revenue of $420 million, for an enterprise to sales ratio of ~15x.
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SEC Is Probing If Musk Tweeted About Tesla Deal To "Crush The Shorts" $TSLA

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