Utilities, Anyone?
The celebratory nature of the stock market is being masked by another telling trend: Defensive sectors are outperforming higher risk areas.
AskSlim Market Week - 7/1/16
What happened in the past week, and what might happen next week. Everything is out of whack!
Final Auto Numbers: Total Sales Down 4.6%, Much Worse Than Expected
Have autos peaked this economic cycle? I think so.
Watch Out If Silver Breaks Through This Threshold Next Week
If silver does close above $20.50 next week and continue higher, this could spell real trouble for the bullion banks who hold a great deal of silver short contracts.
Chinn-Ito Financial Openness Index Updated To 2014
Capital openness measures are useful for assessing the international trilemma — the proposition that one cannot simultaneously pursue full financial openness, exchange rate stability, and monetary autonomy
Global Market Analysis: Weekly Commentary
As fears of the Brexit subsided, the markets staged strong rallies and, while they closed down on the week, the final losses were small compared to what they were at the lows. So is that it? Fear of the Brexit is over? Probably not.
Piper's Munster Says Apple Could Buy Tidal For Much Less Than It Paid For Beats
Munster said his "best guess" is that Apple could possibly buy the service for less than $500M, which compares to the $3B it paid in 2014 to acquire Dr. Dre's Beats Music.
Getting Extremely Overbought After Extremely Oversold
The market spent days wondering what would happen with Brexit. Would Britain leave or stay was the big question. A surprise vote of leave had the global markets heading south is a very big way.
Breakouts Galore In Gold & Silver
Gold broke-out last week on Brexit while Silver waited a week to join the party. The miners, meanwhile cleared 2014 resistance today. There are breakouts across the board in the precious metals space.
S&P 500 Snapshot: A Quiet Day Before The Holiday Weekend
S&P 500 hit its modest 0.47% intraday high in the first 90 minutes of trading and then drifted lower to a narrow afternoon trading range.
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