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Article By: The Heisenberg Report
A handy table which posits three possible scenarios and explains how various assets are likely to respond to each.
Article By: Tim Knight
There has never been a more consistent financial instrument ever created in the history of the universe – – and another lifetime low today, folks!
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Article By: Doug Short
High yields can be deceptive in periods of double-digit inflation.
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Article By: The Fly
In a week that culminated with Donald Trump's inauguration, several companies were in the spotlight after announcing the creation of thousands of jobs and new investment in the country.
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Article By: Jesse Felder
With economic optimism soaring since the election, rising risks to the economy and financial markets have fallen off Mr. Market’s radar.
Article By: Lorimer Wilson
With the Bank of Canada keeping interest rates steady at 0.50%, the Canadian real estate market shows few signs of slowing down. Here are 5 REITs that analysts expect will have the largest increases in cash for distribution to their unitholders.
Article By: Maithya Kitonyi
YouTube has started to show signs of being the company that Alphabet (at the time Google) thought it would be when it acquired it in 2006. And now it's believed to be worth more than Netflix.
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Article By: Adam Sharp
Technology increases productivity. And while adjusting to new tech can be painful in the short term, it’s the only way forward.
Article By: Doug Short
The S&P 500 surged at the open, hitting its 0.59% intraday ten minutes into the session. The index then drifted downward to the noon hour presidential inauguration. President Trump's inauguration speech, however, was not well received by the market.
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Podcast By: Cory Fleck
For the market wrap this week I take a look at the intra-week move above $1,209. Unfortunately we closed below this level which leaves me in a wait and see attitude.
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Gary Anderson Commented on Will President Trump Prick The ‘Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble’?:

Trump has the ability to turn a recession into a deep dark depression. That is the concern, especially with libertarians telling him depressions are no big deal.

James Madison Commented on Will President Trump Prick The ‘Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble’?:

Liked the lack of fatcats at the inaugural balls. Too bad they're all in the Cabinet.

Arthur Bezerra Commented on Will President Trump Prick The ‘Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble’?:

Nobody knows what is going on Donald's head. Even him.

Terrence Howard Commented on Biotech Breakthrough Could Create A $11.4 Trillion Opportunity (SPONSORED POST):

Interesting read, thanks.

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