Spark Energy - Chart Of The Day
The Chart of the Day belongs to Spark Energy (NASDAQ:SPKE). Since the Trend Spotter signaled a buy in 9/17 the stock gained 12.18%.
New Home Sales Cling To Their 2015 Breakout
Single-family new home sales began the year with a bang. Sales for January and February soared year-over-year and continued the post-recession breakout that occurred in December, 2014.
Chinese Debt Snowball Gaining Momentum
It’s a safe bet that China, following the developed world’s lead, will soon toss a big chunk of its foreign exchange reserves. The result? An even more highly-leveraged world and Potemkin markets that look real but no longer are.
KaleBios 'Black Friday' Begins As Shrekli Forces 65% Short-Squeeze Surge In Pre-Market
With short-interest having surged to 49% (from 5.6%), the yanking of his loanable shares has sent KBIO up 65% in the pre-market, back above $45 (from just 45c 10 days ago).
Chinese Stocks Get Slammed As Regulators Pull Back Support
It’s been a relatively quiet three months for Chinese stocks, at least until last night.
If You’re Out Of The Room, You’re Out Of The Deal
The public is surprisingly clueless about the value of precious metals...
Oil Prices Spike As Investors React To Downing Of Russian Plane
The price of oil spiked on Tuesday after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet for allegedly violating Turkish airspace, sending investors into a panic about a growing geopolitical crisis between Russia and NATO.
Black Friday And Stormy Chinese Markets
Today is what is traditionally known as “Black Friday,” the day when American retailers finally turn a profit on their fiscal balance sheets.
Bear Of The Day: Gap Inc.
Gap Inc. continues to struggle to connect with consumers in several of its brands. Gap called the third quarter "challenging" but the analysts don't seem to believe that they will turn it around this holiday season.
Bubble Fundamentals: This Market Needs More Cheap Money
On CNBC Asia on Wednesday night, Peter Schiff defended his forecast that the Federal Reserve is very unlikely to raise interest rates in December. (Video Length: 00:06:19)
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