A Solid Week In A Rocky Month
Better to let the market tell you when that retracement ends than to try to impose your opinions on the market.
Shanghai Delivers 51.5 Tonnes Of Gold For The Week
The trend of deliveries has been rising the last 12 weeks.
Are Stocks Similar To 2008?
What is the likelihood of a 2008-like plunge in stocks?
The Chart That All 'Above Average Intelligence Traders' Ignored Today
Why Ebola headlines shouldn't impact the market - but do.
Pandora Q3 Earnings In Line, Soft Listener Growth A Concern
Shares fell after the report and tumbled Friday for a 14% loss.
Gold Daily And Silver Weekly Charts - Plus C'est La Même Chose - Mandatory Quarantines
Gold and silver were stopped in their tracks, as the price dominant Comex continues to exert its inordinate influence over the real world economies.
Here’s Why Median New Home Sale Prices Collapsed In September
The median price of new homes sold in the US in September fell to $259,000 from $286,800 in August. That’s an extraordinary drop. It left prices down 4% on a year to year basis.
S&P 500 Snapshot: Up 4.12% For The Week
The S&P 500 oscillated a bit during its opening hour, hitting its -0.23% intraday low in the first 30 minutes of trading. The index then rose in a couple of waves to its 0.71% closing gain, fractionally off its 0.74% intraday high.
E Baxter On A Roll -- Wins Approval For OBIZUR
Baxter continues to enhance its growth prospects prior to the spin-off in 2015. The latest approval for OBIZUR corroborates this position.
Market Commentary: Averages Close Nicely In The Green, Next Week May See Dark Clouds
Second session in a row where the major averages had major issues closing above major resistances and that remains a negative signpost for the bulls. The SP500 did squeak above the 100 DMA as did the NASDAQ slide above the 50 DMA.
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