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Podcast By: Cory Fleck
A discussion about the long-term drivers of the US markets as many countries continues to struggle.
Article By: TheoTrade
Can stocks crash in December 2018 if the next recession is still a few quarters away?
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider
No matter what the Federal Reserve tried, credit growth remains conspicuously stalled. The latest Z1 update for Q3 2018 shows quite a bit to be concerned about in terms of financial participation. The overall credit market is slowing – again.
Article By: Declan Fallon
It was a good finish for bulls on Monday but there was a lack of follow through on what should have been a good day for buyers.
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Video By: Ira Epstein
A review of today's commodities market.
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Article By: DailyFX
The breakout in NZD/USD has responded to initial resistance at 6930 and while the immediate risk remains for a pullback off these levels, the medium-term outlook remains constructive while above 6761.
Article By: GoldPredict
There’s not a lot going on. Participants are squaring positions and preparing for the December 19th Fed announcement.
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Article By: Swarup Gupta
While the Trump administration is intent on boosting defense spending, Democrats have agreed to the defense budget for fiscal year 2019. Taking these factors into account, it makes sense to bet on defense stocks at this time.
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Video By: TheoTrade
Many leading financial companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America plunged to new 52 week lows recently. What does it mean and is there a fade trade (bounce) setting up here?
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Article By: Bill Smead
The investors of the Templeton Growth Fund underperformed right out of the gate during 1955-1957. Sir John Templeton didn’t outperform the market from the Fund’s inception until 1969 arrived.
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