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Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

He oversees the creation of all commentary as well as the various subscription ... more


EC Earnings Boost From The Tax Legislation
Tax legislation currently moving towards a passage in Congress promises many substantive changes in a number of areas, but it will have a big impact on corporate profitability as well, all of it positive.
EC Earnings Growth Accelerates In 2018
Our earnings discussion is typically focused on quarterly results. But we're in an in-between period when Q3 earnings season just ended and Q4 earnings are a few weeks away, so a look at the annual view makes sense.
HH Is It Time To Get Back In Oil Stocks?
Energy stocks have turned around lately, but they have been big-time laggards this year. The sector's travails didn't start this year; it has been struggling since about mid-2014 when oil prices turned south and didn't settle down till early 2016.
EC Have Department Store Stocks Turned The Corner?
The impressive stock market performance of Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J.C. Penney and others over the last three trading sessions would suggest that market participants are starting to see ‘green shoots’ on the horizon for this space.
EC The Tech Sector's Impressive Earnings Power On Display
The blowout Apple (AAPL) report became the latest earnings release that built on the momentum we have been seeing from a diverse cross-section of companies this earnings season. The trend is particularly notable in the Technology sector.
EC All-Around Strength In Q3 Earnings Season
We are past the halfway mark in Q3 earnings with results from 54% of the S&P 500 members. This reporting season has turned out to be very good, further strengthening the narrative of a favorable earnings backdrop over the last few quarters.


AAPL Apple Inc.
JBL Jabil Circuit Inc.



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