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Gleason is president of Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals investment company and news service with over 450,000 readers, 35,000 paid customers, and $120 million in annual sales. He launched the company while president of a national newsletter publishing ... more


Silver Threads Among The Gold: What The Tea Leaves Seem To Be Telling Us
The ongoing July silver (and gold) slam has a 2008 feel about it. Important data point elements are different, but there's an air of panic on the part of physical precious metals' owners.
Greg Weldon: Gold & Silver Need This To Unfold Before Rallying Sharply Higher...
The Fed isn't softening. Neither is the dollar. Those are headwinds for metals.
The Swamp Unloads On Alternative Currencies
In Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell’s testimony before Congress last week, he reiterated his intent to continue the central bank’s gradual rate-hiking campaign.
How To "Measure" Your Precious Metals Holdings
Now that the "summer doldrums" for the metals and miners seem to be upon us – which may or may not last until after Labor Day – it might be worth your time to "measure" your precious metals' holdings.
Gold & Silver Investors’ 8 Commandments For Avoiding Rip-Offs
For every promising investment opportunity, you come across, there are multiple opportunities for bad-faith brokers and hucksters to try to rip you off.
Trump’s Trade Wars Could Spark Global Flight To Gold
President Donald Trump’s “America First” trade policies are upending decades of global arrangements and entanglements.




Stefan Gleason
The Fed Reserve: Secretly Sticking It to Americans for Over 100 Years
Stefan Gleason
The Fed Reserve: Secretly Sticking It to Americans for Over 100 Years
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The Federal Reserve: Secretly Sticking It To Americans For Over 100 Years
In the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the private Federal Reserve bank cartel was front and center as a target for public outrage.
Pelaez: Time To Position For A Decade-Long Bull Market In Natural Resources
It is my privilege now to welcome in Samuel Pelaez, CIO and Portfolio Manager at Galileo Global Equity Advisors, a Canadian subsidiary of U.S. Global Investors.
GOP Congressman Investigates Undisclosed Gold Market Intervention By China And The Exchange Stabilization Fund
A member of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee is calling out the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury for dodging questions about their activities involving America’s gold reserves.
Ed Steer: When JP Morgan Decides To Stop Shorting Silver, Prices Will Shock You
Prices fell below some key technical support levels recently but have found some support and have rallied slightly in the past few days, and I should note we're talking here during after-hours trading on Wednesday.
Bitcoin Holders Are Today Learning Something Goldbugs Already Know
Precious metals investors have learned a difficult truth in recent years: The best way to control a market is to put Wall Street in charge of it.
Keith Weiner: Uncle Sam’s Debt-Money System Is Immoral, Tantamount To Theft
As a primer, give us some background on why you believe it’s necessary in returning confidence in the dollar and what kind of change it would bring to our nation's finances which, as we both agree is quickly running off the rails.
Utah, Texas, And Wyoming Top 2018’s ‘Sound Money Index,’ Which Was Just Released By The Sound Money Defense League
Utah, Texas, and Wyoming round out the top three most sound money-friendly states in the United States, according to the 2018 Sound Money Index, released today by the Sound Money Defense League and Money Metals Exchange.
Sound Money Needed Now More Than Ever
The sound money movement reemerged on the national political scene a decade ago. In 2008, the financial crisis brought in a fresh wave of U.S. gold and silver investors.

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