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5 minutes ago
I guess he prefers rampant inflation-and a low dollar-ques is-how autonomous will the FED remain?
5 minutes ago
$AUDUSD The Midday update to members at yesterday playing out nicely.#elliottwave
6 minutes ago
$CL_F The Instrument showing 5 swing lower with divergence should see more downside either into 7 or 3 and another 5.#elliottwave $USDCAD
7 minutes ago
Just joined TalkMarkets.
17 minutes ago
Full Stream Ahead with Small-Cap Royalty Company
17 minutes ago
E-Waste Mining Joint Venture Reports Significant Achievements
17 minutes ago
OZ Minerals Releases Quarterly Report
17 minutes ago
Rick Ackerman’s Technical Forecasts – Thu 19 Jul, 2018
19 minutes ago
BAC chart shows potential, chart of the week by Bob Lang