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E Gold Nuggets And Silver Bullets
As important as understanding what gold is, is understanding what it is not. It is not a hedge against inflation or a safe-haven asset; Gold is not "driven" by or "correlated" with social unrest, political turmoil, wars, the economy, interest rates
E Gold And U.S. Dollar, Buffett, Trump - Nothing Has Changed
The US dollar is the world's reserve currency and gold is priced in US dollars. If the US dollar continues to strengthen, then gold prices will continue to decline. If the US dollar weakens, then gold's price will go up. It can't be any other way.
E Wakeup Call - The Price Of Gold Is Headed Lower
Gold has broken below a line of support dating back to its price-point low in December 2015. Maybe just as important, the price of gold has been held below a declining line of overhead resistance going back five full years.
E Gold And The USD/CNY (It's Still About The U.S. Dollar)
All currencies are substitutes for real money, i.e. gold. And all governments inflate and destroy their own currencies. Whether gold is priced in yuan, SDRs, or dollars, doesn’t matter.
How Much Gold Reserves Does The U.S. Have?
The U.S. remains the largest holder of gold reserves, with Germany and Italy in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. It also maintains one of the highest gold allocations as a percentage of its foreign reserves at 74.9%.
E Gold And The Elusive Chase For Profits
Owning gold from January 1980 until August 2011 resulted in a cumulative, net loss of ten percent in inflation-adjusted, real terms. With gold currently priced at $1240.00 per ounce, the cumulative net loss balloons to forty-four percent.


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The Neatest Idea Ever For Reducing The Fed’s Balance Sheet
17 hours ago

And, yet, we still operate financially within the context of a fractional-reserve banking system. Hence, any reserve requirement less than 100 percent is implicit of excess reserves. And derivatives are a huge subset of the system which continues to re-leverage the same money over and over again, even after any initial reserve requirements are met. The threat of a credit implosion grows exponentially regardless of the Fed's tinkering and eventually there will be a forced de-leveraging. 'When' is anybody's guess.

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The Race We All Lose
1 month ago

Good article!

No Silver Lining Here
7 months ago

There are two primary reasons for silver's price surge in the 1970s.

1)Silver mining production lagged consumption for nearly two full decades during the 1950s-60s. During that period, the U.S. Treasury sold silver regularly from its hoard of nearly two billion ounces. This action kept the market price for silver suppressed. By 1970 nearly all of the silver was gone and the Treasury had to stop its sales. Thus, the price of silver was freed to find a presumably higher level that would eventually balance

consumption and production.

2) The United States suspended all convertibility of the U.S. dollar into gold in 1971. Those who were prescient enough to recognize the ongoing threat of further U.S. dollar depreciation, purchased gold and silver based on their historic roles as money.

The Hunt family's involvement simply added to these two forces and likely sent silver prices far beyond any reasonably sustainable level at the time. (From an average price of $1.60 to a high of $49.50 in January 1980 represents a three thousand percent increase.)

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A Few Words On The Gold Sector
7 months ago

Nice to know that not everyone is ill with 'gold fever'.

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Kelsey Williams Commented on The Neatest Idea Ever For Reducing The Fed’s Balance Sheet:

And, yet, we still operate financially within the context of a fractional-reserve banking system. Hence, any reserve requirement less than 100 percent is implicit of excess reserves. And derivatives are a...

Kelsey Williams
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The United States Federal Reserve Bank has left a century-long trail of damage in its wake. A misguided attempt to manage the stages (growth, prosperity, recession, depression) of the economic cycle has led to nearly complete destruction in the value of our money. The Federal Reserve caused the Depression of the 1930s and worsened its effects. Their actions also...

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Inflation is an insidious threat to our financial and economic security. It has been foisted upon us to the point that we are in danger of losing much more than the value of our money. The capital markets are facing risks of immensely greater proportion than those of 2007-08...