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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for STA Wealth Mgmt. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit markets, ... more


Technically Speaking: The “Walking Dead” Market – 3000 Or 1500?
On Monday the market broke back through the 50-dma and retested the top of the downtrend line which coincides with the 75-dma. The short-term “buy signal” is threatening to reverse which could provide further selling pressure if it occurs.
Recession: When You See It, It Will Be Too Late
Companies reach a point of efficiency where they are no longer terminating individuals to align production to aggregate demand. Therefore, jobless claims naturally fall.
Investors Jump Back In
With markets heavily leveraged, global growth deteriorating, breakeven inflation rates falling, and liquidity support removed – the markets haven't recognized the change. But when they do, the consequences to complacent investors have been brutal.
Technically Speaking: Chart Of The Year?
The technology sector has broken out to an all-time high. Given the sector comprises roughly 25% of the S&P 500, it suggests that momentum is alive and well keeping the “bullish bias” intact.
Is The Dot.Com Bubble Back?
While history certainly does “rhyme,” they are never the same. This is especially the case when it comes to the financial markets. Chart patterns may align from time to time, but such is more a function of pattern-fitting than anything else.
The 2018 Bear Market Is Over…For Now
Portfolio management is never an “all in or out” process. It is about managing the potential risk for capital loss over time. In that regard, we have been tracking the consolidation process following the February correction.


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