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Want To Know How High Silver Prices Could Go? Look At The Silver Miners
Michael Molman 5/11/2018 10:34:04 PM

Very interesting, my main concern about investing in #silver is that 55% of silver demand comes from industrial uses (making it more of an industrial commodity). With the pending slow down in China I am cautious about investing in any industrial commodities. With that being said I am curious why silver prices have been depressed if the market has been in deficit as you say.

Silver Finally Starts To Catch Up With Gold
Michael Molman 4/6/2018 2:50:26 PM

I have been monitoring #silver and #gold for a while trying to see if theres any opportunity in precious metals. I am concerned that as we enter the late stages of the economic cycle demand for silver, which comes mostly from industrial uses, will start to fall. Meanwhile gold which has been consolidating recently looks like a good hedge against rising inflation, trade wars and a recession.

A Contrarian’s Case: Silver Prices Setting Up To Surge in 2018
Michael Molman 3/10/2018 9:57:06 PM

I saw the same report from COT which showed speculative accounts turn bearish on #silver for the first time in decades, which leaves that many more buyers when the market turns. However I will wait to go long on silver until prices show a breakout

When Will Silver Prices Rally?
Michael Molman 2/24/2018 8:19:32 PM

I have been keeping an eye on #silver and am waiting on a breakout. I think as inflation starts to creep up we could see investors start shifting into precious metals.

No Silver Lining Here
David M. Goldstein 2/18/2018 9:40:23 AM

"Even though #silver prices soared (and definitely not just because of the Hunts' buying, either) they came back down swiftly."

So why did they soar and then come down? Sometimes I find it difficult to find the rhyme and reason for these moves. And even harder to try to predict them.

Why is the Silver Price Falling? Is This the Time to Buy Silver?
Michael Molman 2/14/2018 6:40:29 PM

I have been waiting for a break out in silver and gold for months. I expect the added Federal stimulus to dramatically increase inflation and with that in mind I agree that #silver could potentially be a great opportunity.

Dow Jones' Historic Drop, Gold, Bitcoin - Market Crash Imminent
Jeremy Stacks 2/7/2018 9:09:02 PM

Yes definitely bouncing but it has done that plenty. We'll see what happens! Likely making another full market update tomorrow. #gold #SILVER #bitcoin #DowJones

Best Ways & Places To Buy Physical Gold & Silver - Friday Full Market Review & More
Jeremy Stacks 2/6/2018 12:33:37 AM

The bank was ABN AMRO - A Dutch bank in Amsterdam. Honestly, I thought they made an interesting point in that article simply just noting the recent profit taking and USDX strength. Though with seeing what is happening in the market right now, and seeing gold hold these maintenance levels I don't know that we'll see it. I'm surprised with silver's current level though, a perfect time to buy in my opinion. I see gold maintaining for now and seeing what this market is going to do. NEW VIDEO tomorrow! #GOLD #SILVER

Bitcoin Technical Analysis, Gold/Silver - Tuesday, Jan. 30
Bill Johnson 1/30/2018 11:23:50 PM

Ayelet, you can find all the authors he's mentioned right here on TalkMarkets. Peter Schiff, David Morgan and pretty much anyone who is anyone that covers #gold, #silver and other #preciousmetals can be found in this section here:

#Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #Etherium, #Ripple and other #cryptocurrencies are all found here:


Is The Shine Coming Back To Silver?
Currency Trader 1/30/2018 1:30:59 AM

I think #gold and #silver will suffer as long as the #bitcoin and #crypcurrency craze continues. $GLD $SLV $BITCOMP

Silver: A Technician’s Worst Nightmare?
Michael Molman 12/23/2017 12:14:24 AM

I have been wondering which metal would provide the most upside in a down turn. Been debating between #silver and #gold.

'Implosive' Silver Vulnerable To Big Price Drop
Michael Molman 11/26/2017 4:41:50 PM

Personally I disagree with the assessment that silver is not "real money" but I do think some of the cases made by silver bulls seem implausible. With that being said I do not think silver is falling to $8 an ounce, last time it did that the economy was booming and I do not think we are entering into another 90's growth period. #silver

Why Gold Is A Sure Thing In 2017 (SPONSORED POST)
Flat Broke 3/9/2017 5:40:06 PM

Why is #gold a better investment than say #silver, or other #PreciousMetals? $gld $slv

Drawing A Bead On Inflation
Thomas Mitchell 2/20/2017 1:38:59 AM

I agree, #inflation is the evil of the masses, benefits the spenders and borrowers at the expense of the frugal and savers. But how does one protect their investment from the ravages of inflation? #Gold and #silver are not proven to be a source of wealth in inflationary times and also do not provide any income?

A Bullish Case For Silver
Jim Trenery 2/2/2017 4:51:32 AM

#Silver chose the path to a breakout and a new high! Very interesting. $SLV

Silver Could Become India’s New Metal Of Choice - And Skyrocket As A Result
Sahil Parikh 1/6/2017 7:52:07 PM

It is true that I#ndia has a parallel economy of gold as it is economically and culturally rich. However it would be false to say that silver might replace gold because most of the household's who have gold as savings have it in form of jewelry that can be wore during special cultural occasions. #Gold would never loose his cultural importance so individuals would never sell gold to buy silver. However, as we know India is a growing economy individual citizens and family see a growth of income and are looking for investment opportunities. For example: real estate. #Silver can be the next boom as India economically grows under the new Prime Minister. One has to look at how Indian citizens are accepting of gold as social currency and that would determine its future in the markets.

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