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Intermediate investor looking to enhance my stock picking skills and to discuss trade ideas with other like minded individuals.  Also a big fan of the Netflix show - House of Cards, if you hadn't guessed.  And yes, my first name really is Frank.


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Frank Underwood Commented on Posen And Cramer On Trade Wars And Cold Wars:

I always knew that the Statue of Liberty with her upraised arm was secretly a Nazi supporter!

Frank Underwood Commented on Trump’s Tariff War With China May Have Some Unexpected Consequences:

Interesting, I had seen many arguments saying China would be hurt worse. I see your logic how it could likely be the other way around. I hadn't though about this aspect.

Frank Underwood Commented on End Of An Era - Sears Declares Bankruptcy:

I think it was the pension plans that killed #Sears. Newer companies like #Amazon don't have to contend with that at all. It cost Sears billions that it could have used to generate revenue. I think that m...

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