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James Picerno is a veteran financial journalist and has been writing about portfolio strategies, investment products, and macroeconomics since the early 1990s at Bloomberg, Dow Jones and other media groups before becoming an independent writer/analyst/consultant in 2008. He’s currently ... more

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Early Estimates See Slower-But-Still-Strong Growth For US Q3 GDP
The first official third-quarter report on US GDP is more than two months away, but the preliminary nowcasts point to a softer-but-still-solid gain.
Are Low Equity Sector Correlations A Warning Sign For Stocks?
The low correlation of late suggests that a higher percentage of shares are trailing the broad market. The low correlation reading tends to be linked with an aging bull market.
5-Year Treasury Market’s Inflation Forecast Dips To 3-Month Low
Economists are expecting that US consumer inflation will hold steady in tomorrow’s July update while Fed funds futures are pricing in another rate hike at next month Federal Reserve meeting.
Small Cap Returns Are Leading For US Equity Factors So Far In 2018
After a volatile start to the year, the US stock market has recovered its bullish edge and is currently dispensing strong results.
Value Investing For US Equities Continues To Rebound
Regardless of your near-term view of the economy, there’s a good case for arguing that value investing should only be considered as a long-term strategy rather a tactical play.
US REITs Surged Last Week While Foreign Real Estate Tumbled
Securitized real estate shares dominated last week’s performance rankings at the extremes for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products.
US Private Sector Job Growth’s Annual Pace Held Steady In July
Companies in the US added a moderate 170,000 employees to their ranks in July (seasonally adjusted), according to this morning’s update from the US Labor Department.
Risk Premia Forecasts For The Major Asset Classes
The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) edged higher in July, inching up to an annualized 4.9% — slightly above the previous month’s estimate.
Major Asset Classes - July 2018 - Performance Review
The US stock market topped the performance list for the major asset classes in July. The gain marked the fourth straight monthly advance and the strongest since January.
Consumer Discretionary Is Top Sector Performer Year To Date
The sharp tumble in technology stocks in recent days has yielded this year’s leading sector performance to consumer discretionary, based on a set of exchange-traded funds.
Emerging Markets Continued To Rebound Last Week
Equities and fixed-income securities in emerging markets posted solid gains last week, based on a set of exchange-traded funds.
US Economic Growth Accelerated Sharply In The Second Quarter
Economic activity in the United States expanded at a 4.1% rate in the second quarter, more than doubling Q1’s pace.
Is The Housing Market Signaling Trouble Ahead For US Economy?
Today’s second-quarter GDP report is expected to deliver upbeat news about the US economy. Wobbly housing data may be telling a different story.
Sharpe Acceleration In Growth Expected For US Q2 GDP Report
The government’s “advance” release of second-quarter GDP growth for the US is widely expected to post a substantial improvement over the subdued rise in Q1.
Mideast And US Dominate World Regional Equity Returns In 2018
Stock markets in the Middle East and the US continue to hold a clear performance edge over the rest of the world this year, based on trading through July 24 for a set of exchange-traded products.
US Business Cycle Risk Report - Tuesday, July 24
Trade tensions and geopolitical risk remain potential threats to US economic growth in the second half of the year and beyond, but the search for smoking guns in the published numbers continues to turn up empty.
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