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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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Why The Bank Of Canada Should Back Off From Further Rate Hikes
11 hours ago

Seems like Canada is even more vulnerable to rate hikes than the USA, prof. Especially in the housing market. Yes, the banking and lending system more stable, until inflation rises and forces rates up. Then trying to rollover all these 5 year amortized loans will be hell on earth. There is no securitization, from what I read, but then, the banks will be flooded with defaults if people no longer can roll over the loans at the end of the 5 year period. What am I missing?

Peso, Loonie Tumble After Dems Demand Changes To NAFTA 2.0
20 hours ago

Just proves the Democrats are morons just like Trump.

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Which Observation Is Not Like The Others: US Inward FDI Again
1 day ago

I am not sure that Donald Trump even wants foreign investment. He must be thrilled. But surely, most rational human beings are not so thrilled.

Global Growth Falters: Italy Faces A Recession
1 day ago

German should be a lesson for President Orange. If your customers are weak, eventually you will become weak. Me first has a price to pay.

Auto Truce Is Over: Trump Again Threatens The EU, Japan With A 25% Tariff
1 day ago

Donald Trump is a little older than I am. There were three cars on the roads in the '50s. The Mercedes is proof to Trump of the fading of America. He wants Eurocars cleansed from American roads. He is not right mentally and has surrounded himself with an economic freak show led by Peter Navarro. That guy is an economist with dynamite in his hands.

The Waymo Tesla Self Driving Con
1 day ago

Did Waymo's Krafcik just come clean, saying self driving cars will not have widespread use for decades, and will always be subject to limitations?

A Positive Start
1 day ago

So, when Wilbur Ross says investors should not fear the unknown, I think he is saying a full fledged trade war is that unknown. He is saying don't expect much from talks with China.

A Positive Start
1 day ago

At 6:25 PST, Wilbur Ross gave no assurances and tells investors not to lose confidence even without a trade deal. Beware:

A Positive Start
1 day ago

China and the USA resuming talks seems to be only for the ears of gullible investors. Talk means little.

US Economic Output Running Well Above Potential GDP Estimate
1 day ago

I don't understand the bend of the red line showing potential GDP. I don't understand why potential GDP would decline regarding its rate of growth. Historically capacity utilization has been higher as well. We are not even at 80 percent!

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