E Meng's Arrest Vs. The Rule Of Law

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of the second best smartphone company in the world, is being held in a jail in Canada. She apparently will be charged with fraud, in  fooling banks in America to get them to fund technology transfers to Iran. 

We do not yet know if there are peripheral charges in addition to potential charges related to Iran. But if those charges are the meat of the matter, the big issue then, of course is, are we in violation of the treaty that governs transfers of technology to Iran. If we are in violation of the international framework, and apparently we are, our sanctions should have no significance, internationally, unless the rule of law means nothing.

More and more, the desperation of the United States is showing. Meng's company is Huawei. In the current ranking of smartphones for 2018 we see this:













The company is discouraged from doing business in the USA. And it is being discouraged, supposedly because of espionage, but I believe it is because the company is just superior. It creates better products. Two of the 10 best smartphones in the world are Huawei's phones!

And it has 5 G superiority, and a head start, with a phone due out in 2019. I think the US is simply afraid of superior technology, the Rule of Law be damned. The phone likely will not be sold in the USA. And why not? Well, because clearly the US views 5G race as being necessary to win. But we are not up and running. When the Russians beat us to space with Sputnik, we didn't try to blow up all of Russia's rockets. We competed. Is the will to compete gone? Must we resort to underhanded behavior?

Most of us who were allowed to study history know about the murder of the Austrian Archduke:

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Disclosure: I have no financial interest in any companies or industries mentioned. I am not an investment counselor nor am I an attorney so my views are not to be considered investment ...

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Gary Anderson 4 days ago Author's comment

Update 3: Will Meng be allowed to leave Canada for China or will our out of control POTUS use her as a bargaining chip if she is extradited to the USA? Must not be too easy to win a trade war if you need hostages to do so, right Mr Trump? realDonaldTrump

Gary Anderson 5 days ago Author's comment

Update 2: Former Canadian diplomat detained by China. This is just the beginning of retaliation on the part of China over the Meng arrest.

Gary Anderson 6 days ago Author's comment

Update, Apple could be squeezed out of China. Are we winning yet?

Adam Reynolds 1 week ago Member's comment

Isn't is possible that the man is actually guilty of money transfers to Iran? You haven't even heard any of the evidence. It's a bit ridiculous to jump the assumption that America is afraid of competition and that's the real reason. They haven't gone after Samsung which is ranked #1. Nor is it likely that the loss of a single employee will have any negative impact on Huawei.

Angry Old Lady 1 week ago Member's comment

Never a good idea to comment on an article when your own words show how little you know about the subject!

Gary Anderson 1 week ago Author's comment

Thanks for commenting. It is a she. Samsung 5G would likely operate in the sphere of the West. China will control the biggest 5G network. If she transferred money or technology to Iran, the US is operating as the rogue, because the US walked out on the treaty with Iran. The facts must still fully manifest, of course.

Gary Anderson 6 days ago Author's comment

One more point, Ms Angry, one could interpret the arrest of Meng as an act of war. We as a nation have become over the top rogue. As much as it pains me to say it, many citizens of other nations are boycotting America, and stories like this will not give them reason to embrace the USA or its products.

Angry Old Lady 1 week ago Member's comment

Not quite fair to say the US walked out on the treaty. There was a lot of evidence showing that Iran was violating the agreement. I don't agree with Trump about almost anything, except when he says we are suckers to honor our end of an agreement when the other side doesn't honor theirs.

Gary Anderson 1 week ago Author's comment

Interesting point of view, but the majority of nations signing the treaty disagree. We are the rogue nation.