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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Fake Inflation Expectations Meet Good And Bad Inflation
Learning about inflation expectations as an indicator can help investors decide a way forward. Good inflation and bad inflation should also be recognized and evaluated based on the 1970's and on desires for a quick fix to things by our new POTUS.
E Dr. Lambert's Effective Demand Recession Indicator
There is much that serious students of economics will find useful as they continue to study Edward Lambert's effective demand breakthroughs. Predicting recessions can be a complex endeavor.
E Will Rogers Knew Trickle Up Won't Increase Money Velocity
Traditional money theory posits that the velocity of money increases if interest rates rise. But Will Rogers understood that money trickles up, not down.
E How To Track The Trump Housing Bubble
Some things will have to change in order for a housing bubble to occur under Donald Trump. This may not be an exhaustive guide to tracking a potential housing bubble but certainly could help many do so.
E John Mauldin Discusses What Could Go Wrong
John Mauldin published an article about the economics of Donald Trump. I share many of his views. The article deserves to be discussed further.
E Top Ten Reasons The Fed Raises Interest Rates When There Is No Inflation
Why would the Fed raise interest rates where there is little inflation? This is an important question to ask, because the Fed is tightening rates while tax revenue is down and while any tightening could throw the nation into recession.


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Economic Stimulus Does Not Stimulate Economic Growth
7 minutes ago

Only Milton Friedman can fix this with his understand Helicopter Money. But of course, modern monetarists don't trust him like they should. He is gone, but he could have established a real stimulus.

Are Expectations Too High For Trump?
11 hours ago

Expectations for Trump are mostly fueled by Trump himself. And yes, they are most likely way too high. Reagan and Obama came in as the economy bottomed. Reagan did better as Obama got sidetracked by Obamacare and then the Republicans took the house and wouldn't let him do anything. Moral to that story is do something when you have the votes. Trump has the votes but maybe not the economy with which to achieve much more.

Trump Markets And The Future
18 hours ago

Reagan was a spender. Trump may shrink GDP with a trade war. And companies are awash with cash. Tax cuts will not spur a whole lot of investment if companies are only interested in holding cash because they fear the financial system. Trump may spur a few new factories but port business will slow as a result. The factories will pay poorly and high paying port jobs may diminish.

The Big "Ifs" Of The Next Four Years
1 day ago

Lenders are drooling to lend to people who cannot pay it back, Bernard. What will be interesting is to actually see if lenders are equipped with guaranteed loans that are toxic. Maybe #Trump wants to cut other things out of the budget in order to prepare for the next housing bubble, a guaranteed one by the Federal Government.

EconoFact: Bringing Facts And Data To Policy Debates
1 day ago

I thought this one was interesting: Whether the border tax adjustments in the blueprint are deemed legal from a World Trade Organization perspective will depend on a key interpretation: Is the tax in question an income tax or a tax on a product? It does not seem possible to characterize the new tax as a tax on a product. It is calculated by reference to firm-based attributes under a new and simplified definition of net income, but a definition of net income nonetheless.

The fact that imports would face 20% tax on their price with no deductions while domestic producers would be able to deduct most expenses — including payroll — from the tax base could also make the import border adjustment illegal under the international rules.

Does Anyone Still Trust The GDP Deflator?
1 day ago

If 7 in 10 Americans have little savings, the money is obviously not floating around in the real economy. A lot of it is in big corporations, and in big banks. It becomes a rainy day fund for big business. Without adequate demand on main street, it is likely to stay where it is now.

Trump Is At The Helm But Does Not Control The Course Of The Economy
2 days ago

The rebates under Bush were way too small, almost an embarrassment considering how much was spent bailing out the banks and making sure bonuses were paid with taxpayer money. It was an insult, really.

The Investment Secret Of The 2000s And It Has But Started
2 days ago

The velocity of money is quite low, still. Everyone is saying it will rise, but so far there is no proof.

In this article: GLD
Dr. Lambert's Effective Demand Recession Indicator
2 days ago

Your take on the title, Wendell, is very astute and very funny. In the second to last paragraph I meant to say notational demand rather than potential demand as notational demand would reflect what people could buy (and borrow) if they were more able to do so. There is a lot of demand just not being met due to the reality of effective demand limit.

Will President Trump Prick The ‘Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble’?
3 days ago

Trump has the ability to turn a recession into a deep dark depression. That is the concern, especially with libertarians telling him depressions are no big deal.

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Gary Anderson Commented on Economic Stimulus Does Not Stimulate Economic Growth:

Only Milton Friedman can fix this with his understand Helicopter Money. But of course, modern monetarists don't trust him like they should. He is gone, but he could have established a real stimulus.

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The State Of The Bond Market As Trump Ascends To POTUS
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Libertarianism, The Good, Bad And Ugly
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Donald Trump Cannot Make America Great Again But He Could Destroy It
And the big secret I share with you is that the US economy cannot be made great again (through robust growth seen in the last century) even if the status quo remains, even if the financial system stays intact.
France Bosses The UK But Eurozone Is The Flawed Organization
Concepts of "shared sovereignty," "pooled sovereignty" and "joint national sovereignties" are covers for having one's laws and policies decided by European Union bodies one does not elect...
Brexit: Cameron, The Architect Of Austerity, Almost Fooled The Brits
David Cameron was working for the Eurozone all along. But the Brits didn't need the union at all!
Billionaire Fascism Is On The Rise Risking Financial Instability
Globalist billionaires are introducing political instability and hatred. This cannot be good for economies worldwide as resistance to Palestinian occupation intensifies.
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