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E The Great Artificial Intelligence Bubble And Scam
Scams often result in financial bubbles popping, with investors losing a lot of money. Beware of the Artificial Intelligence scam. Read what experts have said about the limitations of artificial intelligence.
E Tim Duy: Stocks Won't Crash; Look For These Indicators
Labor is too weak. Yet the Fed believes labor is strong. Earnings growth could slide if labor gets any weaker.
E Repo Watch Looking For The Next Economic Crisis
Repo watching is an important economic indicator. If repos don't roll over, credit freezes up. It is sort of like looking at a giant glacier, waiting for the big collapse on the edges.
E Kashkari Reveals Dark Secret Fed Plan For Wages
The dark secret of the Fed which reveals the inner working of the Fed, and its motives, can be seen through the charts. Also, a study made by Matthew Yglesias and a comment on disposable income reveal a disturbing result of Fed policy.
E Tim Duy's Fascinating Take On The State Of The Economy
Tim Duy proves the tepid nature of the current recovery. How will that recovery continue based upon observing his instructional charts?
E Amazon's Jeff Bezos Doesn't Understand Female Shoppers
While it may seem like a bold statement, that Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos does not understand women shoppers, the truth is, in some areas he doesn't.


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Maturity Creep - A Key Trend For Global Bond Investors
10 days ago

Then why do yields continue to go down? It is obvious that bonds are in massive demand, longer ones even more so.

Tesla Is Going To Embarrass Warren Buffett
10 days ago

I don't think the public will flock to electric cars. I don't think it will happen. If it happens, there will be a major backlash when people find out these cars were created to ultimately keep the public from free travel and free access to our roads.

Clues To What Is Behind Yellen’s Inflation “Mystery”
23 days ago

Logical. You don't want to go negative. But I don't know if she really cares that much. After all, bond demand is massive. And she is, when all is said and done, a bond hawking saleslady. :)

Clues To What Is Behind Yellen’s Inflation “Mystery”
23 days ago

The Fed believes there is a shortage of bonds or possibly one coming. Maybe they will manufacture this shortage of bonds by slowing the economy.. They must not believe raising rates a bit will hurtfully slow an already slow economy, Prof.

Putting America's Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt In Global Context
26 days ago

I didn't know Canada liked Fuchsia! But America could turn Fucshia with too many global interests and possible wars.

Let’s Throw Some “Keynesian” Bombs
28 days ago

Only one problem, spending how may not pan out of workers cannot be found. So, we have a mature recovery, with lots of people working, with no private investment and public investment that probably would need to be staffed by illegals, lol. Seems like too much money has gravitated to the top. As Kyle Bass said, Helicopter money, which would increase demand without waiting for investment, is the only way out.

Bitcoin Silliness, Myths, And Fatal Flaws
1 month ago

Probably right, but gold is not the only gold. Bonds are gold. Ask the clearinghouses for derivative securities. Failure to understand that bonds are gold will give libertarian types endless grief.

In this article: BITCOMP
World Leaders Are Taking Investors Down A Dangerous Economic Path
1 month ago

Debt is gold. So, excess debt means big wealth for the elites of the world. Recessions push more wealth to the top. So, it seems to be working. The questions are: when will it end, or will it end?

Avoiding The Rattlesnakes In Monetary Policy
1 month ago

Edward Lambert would argue that labor is weak, that even at full employment, it simply cannot command higher wages. So far that seems to be true. It seems to defy the laws of supply and demand. But I just wanted to post this to say that I don't believe that interest rates are tied to wages, except how they are used to slow the economy. If the economy is slowed there becomes more slack in the labor supply. So, I am saying that the Fed, based on my chart in my second comment, shows that wages rise and then recession comes. That should not happen according to supply and demand either. You would think putting more money into the hands of workers would have the opposite effect, that it would cause a boom not a bust. But the FRED chart does not lie. Bust always comes and IMO it is the Fed's doing.

Cohn Is Out Of The Running To Be The Next Fed Chair
1 month ago

Cohn criticized a hesitant, even racist, response by Trump to Jewish people being called out just for being Jewish. If Trump can't handle that he is a child and a petty little man.

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Gary Anderson Commented on Maturity Creep - a key trend for global bond investors:

Then why do yields continue to go down? It is obvious that bonds are in massive demand, longer ones even more so.

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Trump Administration's Strange Response To Ford Relocating To China
Trump Embraces Ford Focus production in China when it railed against them being produced in Mexico. Why is this?
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Tourism At Risk: Facebook Doesn't Kill People, People Do
I believe that Donald Trump wants to make America almost totally insulated from goods coming in, from people coming in, from a healthy interactive contact with the world, and rely on Americans to buy the products made here.
Geopolitical Risk Rises In The Americas: Mexico's Nuclear Capabilities
You must realize that Mexico decided to stop enrichment to nuclear quality after NAFTA. NAFTA was, politically, in the national interest of the United States. You are basically saying, Mexico, if you don't pay for the wall, pull out of NAFTA.
Trump's Embracing Unions Will Cause Economic And Oil Strife
If POTUS does not care about exporting, he would obviously want to get a lot more money into the hands of the US workforce fast. Unions would be a tool for making that happen. Unions that embrace oil pipelines will oppose native Americans.

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