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E Saving The Economy: NGDP Targeting For The People
We face the threat of an expanded Fed balance sheet, zero lower bound in the next downturn, and the inequality of wealth, seemingly ever increasing. Helicopter money will simply have to be considered as a means to evening out the money supply.
E Is USA Low Capacity Utilization Low Enough To Prevent Recession?
Low capacity utilization and weak labor are with us in full force. Capacity utilization still runs below the fifty year average of 80.31 percent in the United State. We may be at the point where our low capacity utilization may not be low enough.
E For All You Inflation Fearmongers, Dr Lambert Has An Answer
Fear of inflation and hyperinflation finds its way into many articles about economics. But for those confused by those who are predicting that inflation is just around the corner, Dr. Edward Lambert has a rational and data driven response.
E The Great Artificial Intelligence Bubble And Scam
Scams often result in financial bubbles popping, with investors losing a lot of money. Beware of the Artificial Intelligence scam. Read what experts have said about the limitations of artificial intelligence.
E Tim Duy: Stocks Won't Crash; Look For These Indicators
Labor is too weak. Yet the Fed believes labor is strong. Earnings growth could slide if labor gets any weaker.
E Repo Watch Looking For The Next Economic Crisis
Repo watching is an important economic indicator. If repos don't roll over, credit freezes up. It is sort of like looking at a giant glacier, waiting for the big collapse on the edges.


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Saving The Economy: NGDP Targeting For The People
3 days ago

Well, it would be money dropped to those who would likely spend it, prof. If people saved that would impact the money supply differently so Beckworth's plan could provide an ongoing remedy.

Earnings Growth Accelerates In 2018
8 days ago

So this growth is almost entirely based on looser lending and higher gasoline prices. Whoopie!

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The Velocity Of Money Has Been Declining In The U.S., But Don’t Worry About It
10 days ago

Because of IOR reserves are just sitting. Inflation is below normal. Deflationary pressures are not out of the question, right Prof?

The Bitcoin Bubble Explained In 4 Charts
11 days ago

Nice article. Speculation shown by your charts is astonishing.

In this article: BITCOMP
Rating Global Investing
11 days ago

Santander has a certain desperation about its operation. Nice to see talkmarkets expanding its influence with the author's assistence.

Some Abbreviated But Important Thoughts On Housing
12 days ago

This is a very informative article. I think that this will ultimately weaken discretionary income on main street. There is some risk that you can't have everything going up at the same time towards bubble territory. The charts at this article show this. Dr Lambert says labor is weak. Perhaps that will magnify itself once these bubbles take a hit down the road.

Is USA Low Capacity Utilization Low Enough To Prevent Recession?
12 days ago

Yes, QE has certainly failed to bring many back into the work force. It wasn't that good for main street as we look back on it. Powell admitted there is slack in the labor force. That is a pretty big admission considering you seemed to hear only that the labor market was tightening, from the current Fed chairman and her minions.

Is USA Low Capacity Utilization Low Enough To Prevent Recession?
14 days ago

Well, Moon, it isn't classic socialism as business is still private. I suppose we could call it socialism. But there is only so much the Fed can do. I remember that Business Insider's Henry Blodget had the answer, that companies should simply pay better wages. We would not need Fed helicopter money to even out the economy, just a fair wage. Henry pointed out that there needs to be some Henry Ford's out there. The Fed cannot force companies to pay a wage that would ultimately make them more money with more monetary turnover. Money trickles back up, so the Fed and business are both chicken. Put money into the hands of the people. It is a no brainer. Want fewer customers, then automate everything. You will win for awhile, but not for the long term.

Under Funny Money, We’re All Living In Vegas
14 days ago

Some people say governments will be able to catch Bitcoin cheats in the near future. Harder to catch "offshore" accounts in the UK and US. Governments owe it to their citizens to go after tax cheats and punish them with felonies.

For All You Inflation Fearmongers, Dr Lambert Has An Answer
15 days ago

Thanks, Bill, and I just published an article about capacity utilization and where our economy may be going if business does not adjust.

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Gary Anderson Commented on Saving The Economy: NGDP Targeting For The People:

Well, it would be money dropped to those who would likely spend it, prof. If people saved that would impact the money supply differently so Beckworth's plan could provide an ongoing remedy.

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