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Yahoo! Posts Q1 Earnings Miss, Focuses On Verizon Merger
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 9:36 PM EDT
Yahoo! Inc. released its 2017 first-quarter financial results, posting earnings of $0.06 per share and revenues of $834 million.
In this article: VZ, YHOO
IBM Shares Slump On Sales Miss, Yahoo Reports Earnings
Article By: ValueWalk
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 5:40 PM EDT
Yahoo reported adjusted earnings of 18 cents per share on $1.3 billion in GAAP revenue. IBM reported adjusted earnings of $2.38 per share on $18.2 billion in revenue.
In this article: IBM, YHOO
The Next Battle For Digital Domination
Article By: Andrew Gordon
Thursday, March 23, 2017 12:19 AM EDT
Today, I’m going to reveal who the big winners will be and the big losers in the digital world
In this article: AMZN, YHOO, SNAP, FB, GOOGL
Yahoo Names Thomas Mcinerney As CEO Following Close Of Verizon Deal
Article By: The Fly
Monday, March 13, 2017 10:50 AM EDT
Shares of Yahoo are in focus in early trading after the company unveiled its executive team that will remain after its core assets are sold to Verizon.
In this article: YHOO Also: VZ, IAC, BABA
Emerging-Market Borrowers Are Selling Bonds
Article By: Marvin R Clark
Friday, March 3, 2017 1:30 AM EDT
Emerging-market borrowers are selling bonds at an unprecedented pace before the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Emerging-market issuance in dollars and euros this year has already exceeded $100 billion.


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Why Is Verizon Buying Yahoo!, Again?
Dhaval Mohammed Somesh 8/1/2016 6:00:57 PM

It's interesting to see the fall of Yahoo $YHOO over the years because of boneheaded decisions. It comes back to bite them now as we see them sell for roughly $5 billion. I'll never forget in 1998 the chance they had to buy google $GOOG for $1 million.

Why Is Verizon Buying Yahoo!, Again?
Sandra Sinclaire 8/1/2016 5:24:37 PM

Lol, thanks for the clarification Nicholas, I also had spotted that headline and was wondering when #Verizon had tried to buy #Yahoo in the past. But thanks for answering why they are interested now.. $VZ $YHOO

Why Is Verizon Buying Yahoo!, Again?
Maithya Kitonyi 8/1/2016 5:13:01 PM

Just to clarify, I am not trying to imply that $VZ is buying $YHOO for the second time. I am trying to answer the question which has been asked multiple times. Hence the "again"

Yahoo: An Inglorious End
Kevin Richards 7/25/2016 4:22:51 PM

RIP #Yahoo. $YHOO

Verizon Set To Buy Yahoo For $5 Billion
Angry Old Lady 7/25/2016 2:57:42 PM

Been trying to figure that one out myself. $YHOO $VZ

Verizon Set To Buy Yahoo For $5 Billion
Kurt Benson 7/22/2016 2:35:03 PM

What's in this for #Verizon? I don't quite see the value of its buying #Yahoo. $YHOO $VZ

Mystery Solved
Clark Winslow 11/12/2014 11:04:29 PM

I did the same calculation yesterday & discussed with my Bloomberg rep. $YHOO owns BABA CN & not US. CN isn't traded. YHOO 1/2

Mystery Solved
Joel Santiago 11/12/2014 7:10:33 PM

Great article. But your write up is missing the cash on hand (minus liabilities) of ~7B and $YHOO stake in Yahoo Japan of ~$8B...

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