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Jason Stewart Commented on U.S. Major Indices Fail To Hold Onto Gains In 2018 Q1:

I'm actually a bit surprised by the weakness seen in $GOOG as their fundamentals are still in place and going strong. They are also developing a lucrative range of investments ranging from self driving te...

Jason Stewart Commented on Opportunity: Gold On The Move:

"If you’re finding yourself even a little worried – about stocks, inflation, or geopolitical unrest – now’s a great time to add a gold hedge to your portfolio."

I understand actual gold has traditionally s...

Jason Stewart Commented on Walmart Seeks To Buy Humana: Good Idea? Walmart The Godsend?:

Interesting points Mish. It has also been assumed by many that this merger will be a boon for shareholders but will that really be the case? The regulatory framework for the health insurance industry has...

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