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Since our start in 1998, we have collected earnings expectations ("whisper numbers") from traders and investors that register with our site. Whether you call it 'wisdom of crowds', 'social media analytics', or 'crowd sourcing', this methodology has proven itself ... more

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3 days ago
$DE #earnings, Fri before open, whisper number at 2.84, 9c head of analysts https://t.co/UbVnzCdUzh https://t.co/hgOm3gyK3O
3 days ago
$NVDA earnings come in at 1.76, 3c ahead of whisper number, down 15.5%!!! after hours https://t.co/UbVnzCdUzh https://t.co/A7J9xKvvNb
3 days ago
$AMAT reports 1.20, 1c ahead of whisper number, down 4.8% after hours https://t.co/UbVnzCdUzh https://t.co/zgN9E879Ds
3 days ago
$WMT reports #earnings of 1.29, 4c ahead of whisper number https://t.co/UbVnzCdUzh https://t.co/I2oWeCYhYA
4 days ago
RT RandyAFrederick: Earnings season is mostly over now. A few retailers are left this week: $M, $WMT, $JCP. With 458 companies (92%) of t…
5 days ago
$HD down 2.5% from open since reporting #earnings of 3.05. You could have know avg price reaction today is negative… https://t.co/dsRS0l4gko
5 days ago
Looking for info on similar companies like $PCRCF, https://t.co/VWOoz6sNOP cobalt manufacturing for electric batteries. Who are big players?
6 days ago
StockTwits Majority of companies top analysts estimates, not an indicator or an exception, there are better expect… https://t.co/xx73BqzKVg