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Mr. Robert Savage is the Chief Executive Officer of CCTrack Solutions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Research of, an online platform for investment research and market ideas. He joined FX Concepts as COO and Chief Strategist when was ... more


E Markets: Flippers
If yesterday was about contagion, today is about relief. The fact that TRY isn’t at a new low has brought out buyers of the dip. The flip-flop of mood has been attributed to this calming of Turkey contagion fears.
E Markets: Another War?
Does financial stability still matter? The Friday price action coupled with an expected CPI left markets watching stocks and the global EM moves as a guide. Today isn’t much different.
E Markets: Tipping Points
The wake-up call last week was that Turkey matters. It’s hard to ignore a 21% weekly drop in FX and say it is a one-off, isolated event. The tipping point risks next week won’t solely be about Turkey but China.
E Markets: Contagion
There have been lots of headlines this morning but not a lot of data on the Turkey exposure to EU bonds. Credit rating agencies flagged this risk in July with Fitch and Moody’s cutting Turkey.
E Markets: Idiosyncratic
The quakes in TRY, NZD and RUB all look important but are explained away today as idiosyncratic. Those aren’t dominos but they do crash down.
E Markets: Show Me
Is the US losing out to Europe in the China trade skirmish? The China surge in imports from Japan and Europe was a highlight of the report overnight but the chart that remains at the heart of the Trump strategy is about exports.


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