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Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.

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2 hours ago
Commented on US Banks Haven’t Behaved Like This Since 2009:

The banks should be concerned about their exposure to property prices as property prices are slowing in their upward push. Sadly, banks have too much property ownership and the public has too little property ownership revealing the issue that housing is still way out of line.

2 hours ago
Commented on Moving Past The Noise To Focus On The Long-Term Drivers Of The Market:

Agreed, the problem is that sanctions and global trade issues continue and the Middle East issues continue on and on. The only real good news on that front is the US is less and less dependent on the Middle East. As for Trump and trade wins the Democrats can just refuse to pass any trade deal Trump does making him a pariah on the tariffs he implements. They could with Republican Senate support even take away his de facto right to tax through tariffs.

2 days ago
Commented on Investment Fund Outflows Dominate:

This is ok as long as it doesn't snowball. In reality its a warning to the powers that be that there is consequences to their actions. If rectified the US should continue its run. If not or if things get work the yield curve inversion will happen and the Fed can't cut rates because inflation will prevent it.

2 days ago
Commented on The Failing Trump Navarro Trade War:

Yes even the earlier cuts hurt US companies, especially steel tariffs. The US imports a lot of steel to build their value added products. Now their prices go up and their margins go down which is why Caterpillar among others are hurting.

11 days ago
Commented on US Manufacturers Warn Trump Tariffs Will Bring Higher Prices, Not More Jobs: Survey:

The trade war has already bitten but the tax reduction dulled the pain. Unless another one is coming we should see its effects much more clearly next year, especially if Trump keeps adding onto the tariff bite which hurts the US consumer more than anyone.

13 days ago
Commented on Three in a Row?:

The issue is not interest rates as much as inflation. If there are further tariffs there will be more inflation and that is the one main reason the Federal Reserve is staying mum on taking off the pressure. A 5% increase in electronics will have a great effect slowing the economy and causing inflation. Thus, looking at growth is no longer adequate because the inflation is coming from a tax imposed by Trump without any say by Congress. Congress has delegated too much of its authority in this matter and must do something to regain its power back. Sadly the Republican Congress did nothing about taxation without Representation and now we have a Democratic Congress that is more likely not to do anything about this. But who knows, hope springs eternal.

14 days ago
Commented on When Will The Bull Market End?:

A huge bout with tariff generated inflation could certainly end it quite rapidly. Who would have though a Republican could create such terrible foreign policy for business. Now he is waging war with US companies including GM.

14 days ago
Commented on The Dangerous Game Both Powell And Trump Are Playing:

Sadly although Trump is looking for people to blame for the weaker stock market he really has no one to blame but himself. He is creating instability and is now fighting personal wars with GM and other American companies which plays into the hands of non-US companies. In no way does this benefit the US.

14 days ago
Commented on Tie-Breaker:

The market hasn't slowed the economy, #Trump has. However, it may not encourage the Federal Reserve. If mass tariffs on autos and electronics is unveiled, it will not just slow the US economy, but it will cause inflation which will force the Federal Reserve to raise rates despite a slower economy. Trump is doing himself no favors if he wants the Federal Reserve to stop the rate hike. This scenario can point to higher rates and a slowing economy with inflation. Sadly, a businessman should know this.