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Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.

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1 day ago
Commented on Week In Review: Another Volatile Week On Wall Street:

The market is volitile but seems to be stabilizing as many news items keep adding to perceived risk.

In reality, the Middle East has always been risky and Saudi Arabia has never been that friendly and is rather brutal. Iran has been a problem forever. China has been fighting a slowdown for years now as manufacturing business leaves to SE Asia where it is cheaper. Trump's trade war has been going on for some time and its becoming apparent it is getting worn out and encountering resistance as it increasingly hurts America as well as China. And Europe has always been a problem due to their heavy handed regulations and Italy and Greece problems. Last rates are rising but the market has taken it in step up to here and there is not undue inflationary pressures yet.

Taken this all into consideration, the market is doing quite well. Certainly well enough to go another year given that the problems today are well known and apparent. If the market holds up this week and rises early next week, unless more news hits it should be ok until Christmas.

4 days ago
Commented on The Rainbow Sign:

I think it all comes down to quarterly reporting now.

4 days ago
Commented on The Uncrossed Chasm:

It seems clear earnings and growth will determine the winners and losers in this volatile market. I'm not surprised the market weakened after yesterday, but I expect it will move rebound from its initial losses later today.

4 days ago
Commented on The Fed: Drumpffeind:

Thanks for the article. Indeed, the Fed rates still are artificially low and QE isn't completely cleaned up either. Sadly, one should be upset that they let rates go artificially low for so long not that they are trying to bring rates back to normalization. If Trump wishes to boost the economy more he will stop or even reverse his tariffs and stop the trade wars. This adversely affects the economy and causes inflation much more than the Federal Reserve's actions do. In fact, the Federal Reserve needs to keep raising rates to counter the adverse effects of the trade war, namely potential inflation.

4 days ago
Commented on The Neglected Tool:

Nice article explaining China's issue. Too many people mistakenly think China has no problems with so many US Treasuries.

4 days ago
Commented on IBM Falls On Mixed Earnings Results:

Poor IBM. They should do joint ventures with other tech titans to stay relevant and make use of their patents.

4 days ago
Commented on Bearish Swing-Trading Watch-List Just In Case This Rally Falters This Week:

There is little incentive to short right now. It is way too late and most of the selling pressure is gone. The only thing that can hurt this recovery is maybe some terrible trade war with Saudi Arabia or worsening of the trade war with China.

4 days ago
Commented on Dow 25K Supports For Now:

As stated last week. If the market rises up the beginning of this week the market should be fine in the near to intermediate term. I still hold this conviction and that a lot of the end selling was trading to try to take advantage of the auto sell prices people put in at the recommendation of bad brokers "to protect themselves". This just makes them fish to get played with in terrible ways.

4 days ago
Commented on China & Japan Dump Treasuries As Dollar's Reserve Status Slumps To 5 Year Lows:

Lets see how well they like dumping US Treasuries and dollars for Euros. Talk about a bad trade. The simple fact is the US dollar will still be the most powerful unless the Euro Dollar and Saudi Arabia currency for oil goes bad.

5 days ago
Commented on The Credit Cycle Is On The Turn:

The war over currency will not be fought with gold but over oil. The US has done well to develop its oil production as the petro dollar tie is weakening.

The author is right that China buying back its currency and trying to prevent free currency and free currency pricing undermines its efforts to be a bigger player in the global financial world.

As for the big unwind as people have been speculating for a while. So far QE reversal although slow and sleepy is happening for the US. This is more important than rate increases and I suspect the Fed will first slow or stop rates before turning down the QE reversal dial as they should. I applaud their moves, although they are a bit late and probably should have never happened in the first place. So far, so good, however they need to be careful now as so much other destabilizing factors take shape namely mid-east instability and trade war/tariff issues.

What they need to do is maybe cut a deal that if Trump stops jumping on tariff levers then they will tone down the rate increases. This would be good for the economy and the world.