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Matt Badiali has a hands-on, go-anywhere, talk-to-everyone approach to his investment prospects and research. His work has taken him to Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and many other locations around the world. He’s visited countless mines and oil ... more

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2018 Will Be A Fantastic Year For Copper Miners
China is the “mouth of the world” when it comes to commodities and the data shows that China will have a significant, positive impact on mining investments during 2018.
This Global Index Is Screaming Higher
There is good news for natural resource investors out there. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which is a benchmark of shipping rates around the world, hit a four-year high. And that’s great news for natural resources.
Higher Oil Prices Breathe Life Into This Sector
The price of oil just hit its highest point since July 2015. As the price of oil rises, so will the volume of drilling and production. That’s really helping the one sector of the oil patch that we should be watching now.
The Way Master Limited Partnerships Can Earn You Huge Dividends
There is a disconnect between the market and a major source of dividend income for investors — MLPs, or Master Limited Partnerships.
This U.S. Oil Sector Is Booming
In the decade from January 2000 through December 2010, U.S. exports averaged 1.1 million barrels per day for that period. According to the Energy Information Administration’s data, we export nearly five times that much now.
Platinum Is The Metal To Own Right Now
Palladium is in a relentless bull market. The price of the silvery-gray metal soared in early 2016. The price more than doubled since then, and it shows little sign of slowing down. This means platinum as the metal to own right now.
Corn Just Hit Rock Bottom. Get Set To Profit
Right now, the fear level in corn is the highest it’s been in four years. The market hates corn right now. That means it’s probably a good time to speculate on corn.
Copper Is The One Metal You Can’t Ignore
There’s an old saying about copper being the metal with a Ph.D. in economics. What that means is that copper is extremely sensitive to economic growth.
Here’s What’s Driving The Oil Price Higher
The West Texas Intermediate crude oil price, the U.S. benchmark, just hit its highest price in 2 1/2 years. We need to know what’s driving it to decide if we should put some oil producers in our portfolio.
Tesla Can’t Make Electric Cars Without Copper
Experts at copper giant Codelco, the Chilean state-owned mining company, believe the red metal could hit $10,000 per metric ton next year. That’s $4.55 per pound. It would be a 46% increase from its current price.
Proof That A Major Bull Market Is Coming
There is life in the junior mining space. I don’t mean that shares are rocketing higher (yet). What I mean is that there is money coming back in. Companies can raise long-awaited and much-needed cash.
Palladium Is The Anti-Tesla Bull Market
The palladium bull market flies in the face of what investors "know" right now.
Buy Gold Now Before It Climbs 500%
Now is the time to buy gold. I believe we are in the initial stages of a bull market that could see the price climb 500% or more from here.
Aluminum Is The Surprise Bull Market Of The Year
Aluminum prices hit a record low in November 2015 at $0.65 per pound. It was the cheapest since the crash in 2008, and near the bottom of the last bear market in 2003. Since then, it’s up over 50%. This is the surprise bull market of the year.
VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF Is Up 19% Since August. Did You Buy It?
The service companies took a huge hit in 2015 and 2016 as oil prices fell. Now rates are going back up. It’s still early in the game for oil services. If you haven’t gotten in yet, you have plenty of time to make some gains here.
Building Materials Are Booming Thanks To Irma And Harvey
Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Houston area earlier this summer, did $23 billion in property damage. Over $4.1 billion of that was damage to residential homes. The mass destruction caused by these storms created a bull market in timber.
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