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E The Market Is In Full Recovery Mode
All S&P sectors are up over the past month being led by technology stocks as usual. Plus, March is usually one of the more profitable months for stocks.
E ​What Investors Should Expect In March
​March is usually one of the better months.
E What The Market Is Focused On
Over the past several years tech stocks have led the market and are again leading the market recovery bounce.
E What Usually Happens After A Market Correction
The average bull market correction takes four months to recover.
E Money Managers Bailed On Equities
Money managers bailed out of equities to the lowest level since November. It is somewhat disconcerting that investors are not stepping in to buy the recent dip.
E Critical Week For The Market
The stock market is heading into its most exciting, and potentially most volatile, week so far this year as earnings season picks up the pace and the Federal Reserve convenes its first meeting of 2018.
E Why Stocks Are Rallying
An expectation of higher profits and continued economic growth is most likely a reason behind a continued rally in the stock market, with all of the main benchmarks sitting at record levels.
E Investors Are Stashing Funds Ahead Of Earnings
Money managers cashed in stocks as the market attained records highs.
E Santa Delivers "January Effect"
After solid gains in 2017, the U.S. indices are off to a big start in 2018 and it's not wise to fight the trend especially as the “January effect”, a seasonal increase in stock prices during the month of January, could take place..
E Investment Managers Go "All In" On Equities
NAAIM Exposure Index exploded to the highest level in years.
E Buy Dips During Holiday Week
During Thanksgiving week S&P 500 higher 75% of time since 1945.
E Get Ready To Buy The Next Dip
Investors are ‘selling the news’ and sitting on cash waiting to buy the next dip.
E Market Outlook
The past few years or so Nasdaq stocks have led market direction. Though the Nasdaq index is at all-time highs that rise is primarily driven by five stocks.
E Market Outlook - Oct. 23
Nasdaq stock prices have stalled to absorb an extremely overbought condition and other equity indices are overbought. It's reasonable the market would take a breather next week to ‘sell the news’ after some high profile quarterly earnings.
E Why The Market Might Be Underpriced
The majority of market pundits voice no reason to believe it will end anytime soon and the next big trading catalyst should be a positive one for equity markets.
E Common Denominator Drivings Stocks Higher
Even the bulls were amazed as technology companies and financial shares push higher, and U.S. stock indexes hit fresh record highs.
1 to 16 of 71 Posts
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