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Dividends Attracting People To Energy Stocks
Crude Oil seems to be a lot stronger than it usually is this time of the year. People are now attracted to energy stocks.
Financials Likely To Take A Big Hit From Harvey And Irma
What is the aftermath of the markets after hurricanes Harvey and Irma?
Years Ending In 7 Stocks Do This In October
I will let the charts do all the talking as they show the picture clearly.
Copper Charging Upward
How genuine is the copper rally? Copper rallied up to 2008 then collapsed.
Dot-Com Bubble Do-Over?
The past 4+ years have resulted in a global investment in Technology firms as a result of lower ROI in most other sectors. This focus on technology investing is uniquely similar to the XCI Index Dot Com rally from the late 1990s and early 2000s.
The Divergences Are Now Appearing
Active traders should be defensive over the next few days as we could have one more bout of selling in stocks and a spike in the VIX.


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Investor Focused Market Analysis
2 years ago

Thank you Dan

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The Next Financial Crisis – Part III
2 years ago

I think oil will founder for a while... ideally I would like to see oil founder here or lower for a year or so.... I want a bear market in equities and to reload long term investment in energy funds with high dividends again... Time will tell, thanks for sharing insight Justin

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Gold And Oil On The Verge Of Something Big – Hero’s Rarely Win
3 years ago
I could really care less why gold moves. Only price pays, meaning we need price to move in our favor. So just focus on price, and follow it/trade with its direction. Arguing over what it does what it does, no one can answer with 100% certainty, so why argue over it? Market/world is corrupt/manipulated. It always has been, always will. not much has really changed. Seems to be everyones scapegoat for pointing fingers why they keep losing money.
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Housing Indicator Review - Pending Home Sales- No Hype, Just The Facts
4 years ago
Great post and points... Looking at the charts the Home builders ETF (XHB) and US Real Estate ETF (IYR)look to be building a base and on the verge of breakout to the upside on the daily chart. It's going to be interesting...
Is Homeland Security Preparing For The Next Wall Street Collapse?
4 years ago
Great article... its going to be interesting for sure.
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CRRDF Cardiff Energy Corp.



Chris Vermeulen
#Dividends Attracting People To #Energy Stocks more
Chris Vermeulen
Really interesting article and company that is on the verge of growth. I do own shares of TNGL as high risk position…
Chris Vermeulen
I want to thank Julie Card for her never ending drive,positive energy, excitement for Collingwood and its people!...
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