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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ... more


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The Week Ahead: Quarter Ends With GDP Reads And Last-Minute Adjustments
The last week of March features the normal end-of-quarter adjustments. The dominating pieces of data are GDP releases: final figures from the US and the UK and a first look at Q1 via the monthly Canadian GDP. Also watch out for inflation figures.
Technical Levels For Currency Pairs – Early Spring Edition
A summary of recent areas of support and resistance for major currency pairs. Will the Japanese Yen continue to gain as a safe haven on dollar weakness?
Wrap Up: USD Suffers, EUR And GBP Take Advantage
The greenback is still suffering from the Fed and its main peers take advantage. The euro enjoys optimism from Dutch and French politics while the pound enjoys rising hopes of a rate hike.
The Week Ahead: Fed Hangover, Durables, And Brexit Speculation
The Fed decision, as well as the other ones, will continue reverberating in markets for a while. A lighter calendar does not imply lighter trading as the inflow of events continues.
USD/CAD: Can CAD Recover From The Crude Crash?
After a long period of stability, oil prices collapsed and the Canadian dollar followed suit. We explain what happened to oil but stress that this is not the only factor moving the loonie. We discuss what’s next for the Canadian dollar.
Fed Preview: 3 Scenarios For The Dots That Move The Dollar
Expectations for the March meeting went from a non-event to certain hike. But is the Fed just “sneaking in” a move now and will take a break? Or are they about to hit the accelerator pedal?
Fed Fever And Crashing Crude In The Ides Of March – MM
The rate hike is coming. But what does it mean for markets?
Draghi Press Conference – Live Coverage
After the ECB left its policy unchanged, we cover the bigger event: the press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi. Follow the live video coverage of the event that moves the EUR/USD.
EUR/USD Awaiting Two Big Events
The two big events are yet to come: the ECB and the NFP. This keeps tension high for EUR/USD traders.
Big EUR/USD Events Ahead – Live Market Open From 8:00 GMT
Monetary policy is giving a fight against the growing influence of politics and now we face two key events for EUR/USD.We will bring you up to speed with recent movements, technical levels and also dive into the diving pound.
The Week Ahead Fasten Your Seatbelts: The ECB And The NFP Are Coming
In the US, the NFP report is always important and this one is critical as it provides the wage data for the March decision. A rate decision in Australia, jobs in Canada and other data are dotted around.
The Week Ahead: Fed Minutes, Housing Figures And More
The Federal Reserve is never too far away, as they release the minutes from the latest rate decision. In addition, housing figures can provide a wider picture of the economy.
Oil Upside And Euro Underperformance
It’s crunch-time for oil after the OPEC accord. We crunch the data to see some upside. We then move to something more depressing: European elections which are already depressing the euro.
Yellen: Fine Balancing Between Confidence, Dovishness, And Politics
Fed Chair Janet Yellen meets the new Congress in a long testimony. This is more important than the recent rate decision. Markets will be looking for a hint about hikes and also the level of confidence about the economy after the setback in wages
Top Tier UK Data, GDP From Germany And Japan And Yellen Stand Out
This week we have jobs, inflation and retail sales from the UK. We finally get Germany’s GDP, as well as Japan’s. Inflation and retail sales data from the US will probably be overshadowed by Janet Yellen’s all-important testimony.
The Dollar Struggles, Just Like "The Donald"
The U.S president reportedly does not know if wants a strong or weak U.S dollar, and these struggles are also seen in the currency. The greenback made some attempts to recover, but these are not going so smoothly.
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