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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ... more


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French Fate And British Snaps
The world is watching France with a totally open election featuring the extreme right, the center-right, the center and the extreme-left.
Murky Markets And Further Fed Fallout
The Ides of March continue echoing and echoing. We discuss further fall-outs from the Fed and move to on markets, which are also falling out. Is this the beginning of a downfall?
BoE Sees Glass Half Empty – GBP Slides
The BOE unanimously decided to leave all its policy unchanged as widely expected. More importantly, the inflation outlook is mostly unchanged. Some members signal concern about inflation, but forecasts make the difference.
Trumping Trade And The Donald Dollar
Donald Trump’s first week in office has been a storm, to say the least. We discuss his actions regarding trade, fiscal stimulus and of course, all the market implications.
Trump Train Or Donald Derailed?
Trump is entering the White House this week and the impact on markets is already very significant. We discuss the potential moves on currencies, bonds, stocks and all the other moving parts before previewing other events in a busy week.
USD/JPY Forecast Jan. 9-13
USD/JPY dropped as low as the 115 line, but closed the week almost unchanged, at 116.90. This week has six events. Here is an outlook for the highlights of this week and an updated technical analysis for USD/JPY.
EUR/USD Forecast Jan. 2-6 2017
The first week of 2017 is already packed with events, with inflation and PMIs standing out. Here is an outlook for the highlights of this week and an updated technical analysis for EUR/USD.
NZD/USD Forecast Dec. 19-23
The New Zealand dollar suffered the might of the USD following the hawkish hike from the Fed but managed to weather some of the storms. The week leading to Christmas is packed with events from New Zealand.
NZD/USD Forecast Nov. 14-18
The New Zealand dollar had a terrible week, reversing the gains seen beforehand, as Trump’s Triumph hurt it hard and the RBNZ’s rate cut did not help. The upcoming week features retail sales among other events.
NZD/USD Forecast October 24-28
Last week, the New Zealand dollar made an attempt to recover, but never went too far, despite good data. The calendar is lighter in the upcoming week, but this does not imply no action.
Fed-Fest – Everything You Need To Know – MM #119
Bubbles may exist, but they are more limited. If anything, there is a bubble in bonds, and this should encourage governments to spend: fiscal stimulus and not monetary stimulus.
NZD/USD Forecast: August 22-26
The New Zealand dollar enjoyed the robust jobs report and the weakness of the greenback to gain ground. A sole event awaits us this week. Here is an analysis of fundamentals and an updated technical analysis for NZD/USD.
About The Fed’s Forecasting Failures
Are central bankers losing the plot? We discuss the problematic Fed’s forecasting, the unusual market impact from a rate cut and also update on the US economy and the road ahead.
Oil Down, Gold Up And The Upcoming Fed-Fest – MM #111
Oil down: The black gold is melting in the summer sun. We touch on demand forecasts from the IEA, EIA, IMF as well as supply and sentiment.
EUR/USD Forecast June 20-24
EUR/USD wobbled on the market mood, suffering from the changing sentiment regarding the British EU Referendum. Apart from the event itself, we have key German surveys and PMIs.
NZD/USD Forecast - May 16-20
The RBNZ is not in a rush to follow the RBA and cut rates, and this allowed the kiwi to recover. In the US, the greenback enjoyed strong retail sales and that stood out against the not-so-convincing sales in New Zealand.
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