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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Now That The Government Has Shut Down, Here's What Actually "Shuts Down"
Markets have tended to shrug off shutdowns as long as the debt limit is not involved.
"It's A Buying Panic": Stocks See Largest Ever 4-Week Inflows In History
There are epic rallies in US Transportation (TRAN index at all-time high vs Utilities), Chinese & Japanese banks, global energy stocks all indicate classic late-cycle laggard-chasing.
10Y Treasury Crosses Gundlach's "Red-Line": Will Stocks "Start To Suffer"?
10Y US Treasury yields just jerked higher, breaking above the crucial 2.63% level - the highest yield since Dec 2016. 10Y is up almost 30bps since the Dec 13th Fed rate hike...
IBM "Beats" Thanks To Record Low Tax Rate
Last quarter, IBM - once again - almost fooled the market when it "beat" but only thanks to using the lowest (until then) effective non-GAAP tax rate in its history (excluding one charge-filled quarter in which the rate N/M).
American Express Suspends Buybacks "To Rebuild Capital", Stock Slumps
American Express shares are down at one-month lows in the after-market following its announcement that the firm will suspend its share buyback program for the first half of 2018 to rebuild capital after the Tax Act.
The Only Chart You Need To Trade The EUR/USD
In recent months there has been a lot of confusion and loud gnashing of teeth, among the FX trader and analyst community which has been unable to make sense of the confounding divergence in real spot rate differentials charts between the EUR and USD.
If Interest Rates Spike, Here's Who Will Be Hurt The Most
Interest rates are finally rising, and as we observed this morning, the 10Y - now above 2.60% and the highest since last March.
WTI/RBOB Jump After Biggest Cushing Stock Draw On Record
WTI/RBOB prices have fallen after a brief pop on last night's API data but knee-jerked higher after DOE reported a bigger than expected crude draw (9th straight week).
Morgan Stanley Beats, Joins Peers In Plunging Trading, Debt Revenue
In 4Q, Morgan Stanley recorded a net discrete tax provision of $990MM, including $1.2BN provision due to tax law, primarily from remeasuring deferred tax assets (DTA).
All Eyes On The 10Y Treasury Which Is Blowing Above 2.60%, Nears Gundlach's 'Redline'
The meltup continues: European stocks edged higher as Asian shares traded mixed, while U.S. equity-index futures point another open in record territory.
China GDP Beats, Retail Sales Slump (Amid Renewed Fake Data Fears)
GDP, Industrial Production, and Fixed Asset Investment all beat expectations but Retail Sales missed dramatically - growing at its slowest since Feb 2004.
Chinese Treasury Holdings Slide To Lowest Since July
According to the just-released Treasury International Capital data for the month of November, Chinese Treasury holdings dropped from $1,189.2BN in October to $1,176.6BN in December, the lowest since July's $1,166BN.
Apple Unveils $38 Billion In Expected Repatriation Tax, Reveals New Job Creation Plan
The world's most valuable company said that it anticipates repatriation tax payments of approximately $38 billion as required by recent changes to the tax law, noting that "a payment of that size would likely be the largest of its kind ever made."
VIX Surges To Highest Since 2015's Flash-Crash Versus Europe
As U.S. stocks failed to hold a fresh record, VIX jumped 15% on Tuesday, while the VStoxx Index remained near a record low.
US Equities Deja-Dump All Over Again As VIX Tops 12
Dow up 150 points overnight... and stocks dump at the cash open - it's deja vu all over again.
US Industrial Production Surges In December To Record High
Industrial Production surged 0.9% MoM in December (almost double the 0.5% rise expected) and pushed the overall level above its Nov 2014 peak to a new record high.
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