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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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"We're In Uncharted Territory": In Historic Milestone, Leveraged Loan Market Overtakes Junk Bonds
The key reason for the relentless demand for "junk paper" has been the accelerating shrinkage in high-yield supply, as last month was the slowest September for junk bond issuance since 2011.
Real Tumbles After Brazil's Central Bank Head Said To Quit By Year End
What was already an ugly day for emerging markets, turned even uglier for Brazil when Bloomberg reported that the head of Brazil's central bank, Ilan Goldfajn, was preparing to leave the central bank by year-end.
Russia And China Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Bilateral Trade
Having been increasingly shunned by the West, China has become Russia’s largest trading partner, accounting for 15% of Russian international trade in 2017.
Dow Dumps 450Pts - Erases Tuesday's Gains, Breaks Below Critical Support
We guess Tuesday's "biggest short squeeze" since the US election has run out of ammo.
Netflix Plunges - Erases Post-Earnings Gains
NFLX is now down 15% from post-earnings highs.
US Stocks Slump As Italian Risk Spikes To 5-Year Highs
The surge in Italian yields, which have hit a whopping 3.68% as a result of a sharp selloff in Italian 10Y paper is spilling over resulting in contagion on risk assets across Europe, and are now hitting the US.
Dollar Libor Jumps To Fresh 10 Year High, Adding To Funding Headwinds
It may be the bete noir of the credit market, but despite the gradual phase out of the infamous manipulated benchmark, Libor remains the reference rate for trillions in floating rate debt instruments.
More Italians Move Savings To Switzerland As Fears Of Banking "Doom Loop" Intensify
Italians are reacting to the deteriorating relationship between Italy and the EU, and its attendant impact on the country's banks and capital markets.
Housing Starts, Permits Drop In September Amid Midwest Massacre
After August's brief respite dead-cat-bounce, housing starts resumed their collapse in September, slumping 5.3% (despite a downward revision to August's spike).
China Changes Definition Of Aggregate Financing To Disguise Sharp Credit Slowdown
The latest credit data from the PBOC was closely scrutinized... and left China watchers with a very bitter taste.
Yuan Pops As Treasury Confirms China Not A Currency Manipulator, Will Monitor
Offshore Yuan dipped back below 6.93/USD as the well-telegraphed report from the US Treasury once again decided not to label China "a currency manipulator" averting any further escalation (for now) in the 'war' between the two nations.
David's Bridal Misses Debt Payment, Prepares To File Bankruptcy
Just days after Sears filed the largest retail bankruptcy yet, listing over $10 billion in liabilities on its Chapter 11 petition another retail icon is set to go under.
Stocks Sink On Hawkish Minutes, Dollar Gains
In an odd reversal from normal, it is the US equity market that is reacting and bond and FX markets that are ignoring the extreme hawkishness of the Fed Minutes.
FOMC Minutes Signal 'Hawkish' Fed Ready To Hike Above Neutral
All eyes are back on the FOMC Minutes today to see just how assuredly The Fed will stick to its 25bps-per-quarter trajectory, come hell (stock crash) or high water (inflation).
WTI Plunges Below $70 To 1-Month Lows After Bigger-Than-Expected Crude Build
WTI extended losses this morning after a brief bounce on API's unexpected crude draw, pushing down to one-month lows.
Why Hedge Funds "Brutally" Missed Yesterday's Massive Stock Rally
As the market resumes its slide, many hedge funds suddenly find themselves with not enough shorts on, and are forced to do a 180, and start shorting once again.
1 to 16 of 10036 Posts
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