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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more


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Weekend Update - Feb. 25, 2017
The markets have been in a slow building parabolic rise since the Brexit lows, continuing their rise off the November election last year, followed by another leg higher to start 2017.Have we arrived at the short term top, or is there more to come?
Prepare To Submerge
I believe the emerging markets peaked on Thursday.
Bitcoin Madness
I’ve never traded or owned bitcoin, but I find the chart in this article fascinating.
Let’s Just Get These Out Of The Way
The IPO of Snap, Inc. (the makers of SnapChat, who are making a big point of describing themselves as “a camera company“) is hotly-anticipated.
Orange, Black, Breakdown, Breakout
Gold (which I am bearish by way of a DUST position) is down nearly ten bucks as of this writing. Breaking that blue trendline would be a very good thing.
KC Masterpiece
I will say that I’m pleased to see – could it be – a second day of weakness in equities.
Buy ‘n’ Die: Could This Be The Start Of The Weak Dollar
The fact that people are electing to exchange cash for equity at levels i would never do, boggles my tiny brain.
Ten Tardigrades
These are the ten most profitable positions for me right now, in spite of being in the most cursed, god-awful, god-damned, wretched equity environment for bears in the history of the human race.
Digging Up Fossil
Fossil Group has a very, very sick stock, obviously, but at least take note of what happens when the stock sells off hard each time in the past.
Maybe today, it’ll be a decent day for the bears for a change.
So Why Now?
The bear market was supposed to really kick in full-force a year ago. News flash: it didn’t. Allow me to show you what I mean by this.
The Trumpgasm
I present to you a chart of the inverse-volatility fund, symbol XIV, which to my way of thinking embodies the optimism, ecstasy, and naivete of the investing public better than any other chart.
Currency Repulsion
The Euro is likewise falling away from its own topping pattern, as it continues its march to parity. As for equities... lifetime highs, what else?
Fighting The Blahs
I see no point in trying to pretend there’s anything dynamic or exciting going on in the markets when there isn’t.
Stretch Marks
In this article, let's take a look at the Dow and how much higher the prices are vis a vis the moving averages compared to prior peaks.
Victory For The Squid
Since the lowest point of the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs has increased nearly 500% in value.
1 to 16 of 1048 Posts
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