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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more


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Pre-Eclipse Indexes
The big picture still screams “doomed market”, but the shorter-term picture is more uncertain.
Beauty Gets Ugly
Sally Beauty Holdings is a good short. It’s finally kicking into high gear. I remain short.
Took My Put Profits
Earlier this morning, I sold my SPY October $245 puts for an overnight profit of over 50%.
The Hull Has Been Breached
We have broken the IWM ascending channel.
Short On Six Stocks - Part 2
I’m so short, I could jump off a dime, and I wanted to share my latest new positions with you.
Short On Six Stocks
I’m so short, I could jump off a dime, and I wanted to share my latest new positions with you.
Short-Term Phase-o-rama
As of this moment, the ES is down 4, but that won’t mean anything until tomorrow is over (and Friday as well, I suspect). My money is on a break to this uptrending sine wave.
Shorting Archrock
Time to short Archrock (AROC) as seen in this chart.
A Fantastic Top: Finish Line
I have rarely seen such a fantastic top as Finish Line. I’ve been short it a while, and I added more this morning. It’s a beauty, a honey, and furry little bunny.
Help From Retail
What is happening with retail?
Til The Wheels Come Off
I am known for my fondness of being short auto retailers. This really paid off last month when such firms as O’Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone fell to pieces. I think they have much, much farther to go. I’m hanging on to all my shorts.
Indexing My Thoughts
Well, there’s just no doubt about it, I have a lot more fun with down markets than up markets. Last week was a total kick. Today was all about defense.
Oil’s Weak Future
As federal law requires, equities are up and crude oil is down right now.
Stocks: Flipper
Before the bulls start slapping themselves on the back, I would offer up two intraday charts of the ES and NQ.
S&P 500: Thought So
The ES is approaching a supporting trendline that spans back for many months.
Worry Warts
Typically when things are going great, I think about just how low things could go or how bad things could get. I’m going to do just the opposite today, since Janet Yellen has a way of mucking up all my plans,
1 to 16 of 1289 Posts
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