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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more


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On The Verge. Or Not
Yet another crypto has plunged to almost worthless. I guess since anyone can create a nearly infinite amount of a “coin”, anything is possible. I don’t think the people of earth are willing to spend $368 million to buy out the stock of“Verge”.
Triangular Tragedy
What happened to Bitcoin?
Week Wrap
This hasn’t exactly been a week replete with vividly-clear direction. The kinds of words that leap to mind when looking at recent ES activity are “sawtooth”, “zig-zag”, and “wild reversals”.
Make All Markets Like This
One of the few broad charts that has been in a clear, defiant, screw-the-bulls downtrend has been emerging markets.
Markets: Zigzag Intact
Not much of a day today. We remain in the “Industrials weak, Nasdaq and Small Caps dominate” kind of market.
Volatility Banned By Federal Decree
Looking at the past decade of volatility, the trend is clear.
Small Caps: To Infinity And Beyond
Looking closer at RUT, one might think at least a modest breather would be due.
The Paper Towel Market
All the horror about a global trade war seems to have been shrugged off in a matter of three days.
Stocks: Zoomers
Here is a quintet of stocks that are lesser-known but have been flying higher.
Turnabout Is Fair Play
Tthe Nasdaq has taken its entire end-of-week mega-rally and unwound it for really no reason in particular except for simmering trade wars.
Old FANG-ful
The four stocks that make up FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix ,and Google) are the most important drivers of global equity markets. Plus a fifth stock... and no, it's not Apple.
The Nasty Bite Of FANG
Another day, another Nasdaq lifetime high. And what’s the driver? It used to be QE, but the central banks around the world have already turned off that spigot. The explanation is easier had by one acronym: FANG.
Real Reversal?
Real estate has been exploding higher for months now. Many real estate markets completely dwarf their peaks during the so-called housing bubble of 2007.
Coiled And Roiled
Today is the “big day” of the week, and probably the month. My main concern is bonds, which I am short for the long-term (January 2019 puts).
EC Fiscal Fitness
In spite of lifetime highs in most areas, the financials continue to look vulnerable.
Emerging Bombs
The emerging bonds market, which peaked on January 5th, has been following a gorgeous pathway lower.
1 to 16 of 1674 Posts
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