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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more


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Bully Boys
The Dow Composite has almost perfectly sealed up its gap from January. As with the S&P, it is just one good day away from highs never before seen in human history.
Titanic Tesla
If you want to upset bulls, make your stock go down. If you want to upset bears, make your stock go up.
Years Of Walmart Success
Retail is one of the last remaining sectors to still look genuinely bullish. Walmart, the king of retail, proved this at the opening bell, vaulting nearly 10% higher.
Two Largest QQQ Components Compromised?
Today I follow up with a look under the hood and the technical setups in Apple and Amazon, the two largest components of the NDX-100 and QQQ.
Timcarry Tim Ross
Emerging markets have been absolutely falling to pieces, and after yesterday’s ridiculous, meaningless bounce-back rally, things are the proper color again: Red.
The Unstoppables
These stocks are the stalwarts – – and until they actually break down (which apparently is going to require a comet strike), no meaningful bear market can begin. They’re simply too strong.
Give Us A Break!
Take a look at the much longer-term continuous crude oil contract, and you can see how vulnerable the energy market is right now.
Bid-A-Bing, Bid-A-Bond
My portfolio is quite interest-rate sensitive, and the weaker bonds can be, the better. We’re definitely doing good things in that respect.
Beyond The Border Breakdown
It was only a few trading days ago that most U.S. equity indexes were at the highest levels in the history of Earth. Even so, the markets outside the U.S. have been ripping at the seams
Roasted Turkey
It takes this kind of collapse to push our market even a tiny bit.
Tesla Trendline
Should investors stay away from TSLA?
What’s Going On Here?
Equity bulls, who have gotten a free ride for going on a decade now, must be frustrated that their government isn’t handing out free cash anymore.
A Very Serious OXY-Dent
Occidental Petroleum gapped down below its range.
Obedience Is Elegance
I must say once again how remarkably well-behaved the crypto crap is when it comes to technical analysis.
Zap Snap Trap
The news about the Investor Formerly Known As Prince gave SNAP a much-needed boost for about 12 seconds.
Gloria All-Red
It’s been a very long time since I’ve woken up to a screen entirely red. Everything is down – ES, NQ, crude oil, bonds. Of course, these aren’t huge drops, but at least the color is right.
1 to 16 of 1730 Posts
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