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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more


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Old Faithful: UVXY
There has never been a more consistent financial instrument ever created in the history of the universe – – and another lifetime low today, folks!
Three Post Mortems
The market is stuck – – absolutely stuck in the mud – – for the past month. Range-bound. Contained. Dullsville.
Euro Ready To Reverse?
The Euro has been strengthening ever since 2017 began, but it seems to me, based on the ETF shown below, that we’re up against a potential reversal point.
Currency Chaos
Apparently Trump’s comments that the dollar is too high has sent a bit of chaos into the world, and one dark spot for me is a very strong gold market.
I Have A Screen
Crude oil, likewise, has been softening. The OPEC/NOPEC surges are a distant memory, and even at this early date, there appears to be some splintering in the “historic” cartel agreement.
Elusive And Pointless
If people were yammering about the $20 trillion in debt this country has as much as they are yammering about what a hoot it would be to nail 20k on the Dow on Friday the 13th, we’d probably be better off as a nation
One Index. Three Views.
This will be a simple, straightforward post: just a look at the Dow Jones Composite with a short-, medium-, and long-term view.
The Slow Burn
Lower lows. Lower highs. Steady every day. Keep it coming.
Gold Gap Closure
I’m satisfied with gold’s proximity to its gap that I have re-entered my DUST position and a short GLD position.
Baby Huey
The gold bugs index, shown below, is slipping beneath the lower portion of its topping pattern. Nothing definitive yet, but we’re moving in the right direction.
Red-Hot Nasdaq
The Nasdaq has been red-hot lately, hitting lifetime times pretty much every day. Well, enough is enough. I’ve turned my attention toward a couple of issues that are close to filling their gaps.
Hanging In There With DUST
One trade that hasn’t blossomed yet is my DUST (triple-short on precious metals miners) long, but I’m keeping the faith. Looking at the big picture of, say, NUGT, this seems quite bearish.
The Wages Of Sin
Valeant Pharmaceuticals fell nearly 95% in just 18 months. Ninety. Five. Percent. Pretty amazing for such a large organization.
Crude’s Tight Range
There’s not a lot going on this morning, but oil is kind of interesting, down nearly 2.5% due to concerns that the U.S. producers will be ramping up their output due to stronger prices.
Inaugural Thoughts
I thought I’d reflect a bit on what happened in the equity markets when Obama came into office.
Seven ETFs To Ponder
The miners, which I am very short by way of DUST, had an amazingly clear top that was somewhat mucked up with Thursday’s surge. We’ll see it we can break below that neckline again come Monday.
1 to 16 of 990 Posts
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