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Hey there! It's Jeremy Stacks, known as the "Stacking Three Percenter" as seen on YouTube and StockTwits.  I am a 25 year old Gold and Silver stacker, and precious metals enthusiast.  I've been stacking precious metals since 2016 and have been following the metals ... more


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Buy Gold & Silver As Global Economic Collapse Draws Near
8 months ago

I agree, I do think SOME of it is a bit over the top - however, Facebook is in a world of trouble right now, big time. I think the bans come from any old little crypto advertisement company being able to spam and promote their "product" overwhelmingly is where the bans are coming from.

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Buy Gold & Silver As Global Economic Collapse Draws Near
8 months ago

$60 Billion off total market cap in a week my friend, leads me to believe that more big money is moving out of the space. Think much of it is due to general FUD, and of course the news of Twitter banning crypto ads, adding to Facebook, Google etc. The news broke late yesterday, so many people and other countries probably jumping on the sale train here today. I see it's continuing as Bitcoin trading around 7760 at the moment I'm typing this. More & more countries coming out in recent days/weeks regarding warnings of cybercrime and further issues that can be associated with crypto. In my opinion, as I preach on my channel - crypto is very immature right now, and very, very volatile. Additionally, the big Central Banks & globalists do NOT want the crypto space taking off and threatening any sort of grip the elite has on humans. I am staying far away at this time - placing my hard earned cash in something tangible like silver - something that doesn't swing up and down 10-20% on any given day. Thanks!

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Bitcoin $344 Million Buyer & Technical Analysis
10 months ago

Yeah guys, it is pretty hard to believe, and while I don't have the very original source, this wasn't the first place I heard it from! I guess if someone has that kind of capital, they can potentially make some serious, serious cash. Also it may not have been just one individual - the article said it was that much money over a three day span. So, it could be a firm, a company, multiple people etc etc. Still thought it might drive the price a little bit more than it has...time will tell!

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Dow Jones' Historic Drop, Gold, Bitcoin - Market Crash Imminent
10 months ago

Yes definitely bouncing but it has done that plenty. We'll see what happens! Likely making another full market update tomorrow. #gold #SILVER #bitcoin #DowJones

Dow Jones' Historic Drop, Gold, Bitcoin - Market Crash Imminent
10 months ago

Hey everyone just want to say thanks for taking the time to watch my video on here - please be sure to especially check out my YouTube channel:

To see all of my uploaded content, and for those interested also please check out StockTwits, another great social media platform for the stock market:

Best Ways & Places To Buy Physical Gold & Silver - Friday Full Market Review & More
10 months ago

The bank was ABN AMRO - A Dutch bank in Amsterdam. Honestly, I thought they made an interesting point in that article simply just noting the recent profit taking and USDX strength. Though with seeing what is happening in the market right now, and seeing gold hold these maintenance levels I don't know that we'll see it. I'm surprised with silver's current level though, a perfect time to buy in my opinion. I see gold maintaining for now and seeing what this market is going to do. NEW VIDEO tomorrow! #GOLD #SILVER

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Gold, Silver, Crypto & Much More - Wednesday, Jan. 31
10 months ago

I've earned a bunch actually! Just not really quite sure what that means yet and how to cash out lol

Bitcoin Serious Technical Chart Damage - Related News, Gold, & More
10 months ago

It certainly sets the mood haha. Thanks man!

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