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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ... more


Trading Volatility Through Market Downturns With A Long-Term Thesis
A discussion on trading volatility, the current state of the global markets and the possible year-end outlook.
E A Trading Week Headlined By Midterm Elections: Volatility Anybody?
Midterm elections will grab the majority of headlines this week, but earnings continue to accelerate beyond forecasts. Will volatility persist during this midterm election week?
Market Predictions Roll-In As China/U.S. Trade War Rhetoric Rises
Equity markets are dismissing strong earnings as the potential for a weakening 2019 comes into focus, partly due to rising rates, trade tariff implementation and a naturally slowing economy as the expansion cycle carries forward.
Will October's Swoon Turn Into A November Boon For Investors
If you threw in the towel back in February, you would have missed a large market rally. Given the state of the current correction, what's your move now?
E October's Pullback Has Investors Hunting For A Bottom
October has indeed been a scary month for equity investors thus far and this coming week may not prove to relieve investor anxiety.
Discussing The Short-Vol Trade, Indicators And The Consumer
In an interview with David Moadel, I discuss macro-economics and how it relates to volatility trading as well as my thoughts on the market for 2018, inflation concerns and the consumer.


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Earnings Estimates Coming Down
9 days ago

Take offense? Not sure why anyone would "take offense" or why that question would be front of mind. It was a simple request for an otherwise well-appreciated author. Nonetheless, it's quite terribly littered with grammatical issues a reader has to contend with. Starts from the top and works its way through and to the bottom of the narrative.

"As you can see, the proportion of Q3 revenue beats in the lowest in almost two years (75% of S&P 500 members have reported Q3 results already, as of Friday, November 2)."

Just one example near the top that is most apparent to the laymen.

In this article: TXN, XOM, LLY, MMM, RL, CVX, DIS, KORS, CAT, AAPL
Earnings Estimates Coming Down
10 days ago

Do some grammar checking kindly

In this article: TXN, XOM, LLY, MMM, RL, CVX, DIS, KORS, CAT, AAPL
Will October's Swoon Turn Into A November Boon For Investors
16 days ago

Do you mean last half of 2019? Not exactly his own ringing endorcement of retail business savvy. Did a pretty bang-up job at SHLD.

Wading Through The Market During Earnings Season
28 days ago

It's a good thing housing is barely 1/4 of of U.S. output.

In this article: VIX, SPX
Wading Through The Market During Earnings Season
29 days ago

It's a good thing government data doesn't just focus on NYC then now isn't it.

In this article: VIX, SPX
Higher Rates Will Hurt Stocks Far More Than You Think - Part 1
1 month ago

What’s the household debt to income ratio? Corporations can’t print money, tell that to the banks and autos that recieved bailouts. That’s not to say we weren’t on the brink when they did via the Fed, but if you don’t think the retailers will have the same demand/need and find the same treatment “next time”, ya might be fooling yourself.

In this article: VEU
Gundlach's Warnings & Fear Mongering: Several Years In The Making
1 month ago

Simply put the companies are not engaging in financial engineering when they fully understand the probability of interest rates rising above the previous bull market's peak yield cycle. In fact, that's an impossibility. So it becomes a more simplistic decision, get taxed on the cash held over seas or pay a yield on the debt that is substantially less than that tax. In what world does a CFO accept the latter? So when we further evaluate the quality of debt, even with regards to the decision making by corporates, the quality of the decision is high.

Gundlach's Warnings & Fear Mongering: Several Years In The Making
1 month ago

Well their is a surge in CAPEX by corporations as noted within my article, a year after the bloomerg article. So that simply makes bloomberg article out-of-date. Actually bloomberg's notions are somewhat "skewed". Cash is cash, no matter where it may reside it is still part of the debt equation and what underwriter's rely upon for credit ratings i.e. the serviceability of said debt. Unless we are to believe that the credit rating agencies will let us down once again. And to the point of "projects", well that's also refuted in the article to-date. Maybe we are to believe that the unpatrioted cash is a liability? That seems illogical and likely part of the reason the author meanders to other points of interest.

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