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Phil Flynn is writer of The Energy Report, a daily market commentary discussing oil, the Middle East, American government, economics, and their effects on the world's energies markets, as well as other commodity markets. 


China’s Minsky Moment
Is China headed for a ‘Minsky moment? One Chinese economist has warned that they could and he issued a warning, along with some comments from a Russian oil company.
Oil: Tough Making A Shale Buck
Oil producers in shale and oil sands are finding it tough to make a buck and keep production levels rising.
E Is The Sun Set To Rise On ASTI?
In the battered and beaten solar sector, one company is still standing and getting ready to reinvent itself for what could be a very interesting sunrise.
Oil, Tensions And Demand On The Rise
Oil prices are on the rise as supply from Northern Iraq in the Kurdish territory have been reduced as tensions rise.
Crude Oil: Kurdish Conflict
Iraq is moving troops around the Kurdish region of Iraq, putting at risk about 600,000 barrels of daily oil production at a time when global oil supply is tightening.
Oil On Friday The Thirteenth
A black cat crossed the oil bears path this morning as the market is now soundly rejecting the International Energy Agency's downbeat assessment of oil prices in 2018.


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Warm Cold Hot: Oil, Natural Gas Prices On The Rise
10 months ago

Interesting take

In this article: OIL, UNG
Oil & Natural Gas: Freeze Up
1 year ago

Reuter report that OPEC and Non OPEC may cut production 4% from peak

Oil: Pump It Up
1 year ago

Go Oil!

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