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Nvidia, Marijuana Stocks And Risk Management
In this video we discuss topics ranging from a deep analysis of Nvidia and trade setups to the booming Marijuana stock sector as well as risk management to core strategy.
How Money Is Really Made In Markets
Profitable trading and investing comes down to two groups, those who know what they are doing (banks and financial institutions) and those who don’t (average traders and investors).
Discipline, Risk Management, And Options Plays
Why you should use a stop loss to protect yourself, getting rid of the stocks that are losing you money; and, some options plays on popular stocks.
The New Rash Of Investor Rip-Offs… And How To Avoid Them
To help investors spot red flags and discern worthwhile opportunities from scams, Ponzi schemes, and investor rip-offs, here are five relatively new types of investments, and the threats against which potential investors must now contend.
Understanding TIPS: The Compelling Case For Rising Interest Rates And How To Benefit From Them
As we head further into 2018, the case for rising interest rates is compelling, and it really is all about supply and demand.
Municipal Bonds For The Retail Investor
There are over 50,000 different issuers of municipal bonds, resulting in over 1 million different issues outstanding in the U.S. In fact, as of 2017, the total value of all municipal bonds was almost $4 trillion.


AAPL Apple Inc.
CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (fmrly Cliffs Natural Resources)
FB Facebook Inc
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
NFLX Netflix Inc.
SC Santander Consumer Holdings USA Inc.



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Understanding The Debt Ceiling
It is the responsibility of our Treasury Department to meet the government’s financial obligations. As most are aware, our current tax revenue does not cover those debts. In fact, since 1964 the US government has operated at a deficit.

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