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Greece Economic Crisis Declared Over: It Isn't
No one has bothered to ask what happens to Greece, Italy, or the Eurozone in general, in the next recession. Whatever the recession possibilities are in the US, they are far greater in the EU.
Trade Commissioner: EU "Stands Up For Open Global Trade" By Hiking Tariffs
Trump claims to want open markets. So does the EU. It's curious how they prove it.
Rosenberg's Call: Recession, Rising Inflation, Cooling Commodities, S&P 500 Top
Rosenberg's odd stagflation scenario is a recession in 12 months, with rising inflation, but cooling commodities.
Dear Mr. President: How Much More "Winning" Can We Take?
US cotton producers will take a hit in the US-China tit-for-tat trade war. We call this "winning".
Trade End Game Scenarios: Boycott Treasuries Vs Yuan Devaluation
Since there is no longer any reasonable debate about a trade war having started, let's investigate how it ends.
Existing Home Sales Down Again: Yun Blames Inventory, A Symptom Of The Problem
Economists expected a bounce in existing home sales in May. There was no bounce and revisions in April were negative.
GE Drops Out Of Dow After 111 Years: GE Needs New Slogan, Any Suggestions?
GE has been a part of the Dow index since 1907. You can officially kiss GE goodbye.
Trump Now Threatens Tariffs On All Goods From China: $450 Billion
The markets are reeling a bit today and bond yields are falling on news of escalating trade war threats.
Housing Starts Jump 5% In May, Permits Dip 4.6%: 2nd-Quarter GDP Looking Solid
Housing starts rose a solid 5% in May with permits down 4.6%. Starts are more important so this was a good report.
Des Moines Register: "China Tariffs Could Cost Iowa Farmers Up To $624 Million"
Iowa farmers are upset over Trump's tariff policy. Soybean exports will drop and the price is already falling.
Yield Curve Gets Serious: 10-Year To 7-Year Treasury Spread Collapses To 4 BPs
There is no reason to believe an inversion is a necessary ingredient for a recession.
BIS Blasts Cryptos In Special Report: "Beyond The Hype"
A Bank of International Settlements (BIS) report examines cryptocurrencies in depth. The study, called "Looking Beyond the Hype" investigates whether cryptocurrencies could play any role as money.
Bank CEOs Says Robots Can Replace Half Of Citigroup And Deutsche Bank Employees
Investment bank CEOs believe machines will take over ‘lower-value tasks’. 50% of employees are at risk. Cuts are coming and those are not all low-paying jobs.
Chinese Tariff List Translated, 545 Items: US Farmers And Automakers Clobbered
China targeted manufacturers in the rust belt states, US agriculture in general, trucks, autos, hybrids, all electric vehicles, offroad vehicles, and for good measure "other manned vehicles".
NY Fed President Dudley Complains Unemployment Is Too Low, Rate Hikes Needed
NY Fed President William Dudley is worried about the low unemployment rate. He thinks the Fed needs to be above neutral. The unemployment rate is too low now, so we need to hike.
SEC Paves Way For Ethereum Futures: Hooray!?
The CBOE says the path is clear for Ethereum futures. Cryptos are up on the news. History suggests something else.
1 to 16 of 2660 Posts
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