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CPI Unchanged In Nov As Gasoline And Apparel Decline, Shelter And Food Rise
The CPI came in unchanged for November as expected today. Energy, apparel, and transportation were all negative.
Yellen "Not Another Financial Crisis In Our Lifetimes" Warns Of "Gigantic Holes"
Last year, Janet Yellen stated her belief there would not be another financial crisis. Already she is worried.
French Budget Overshoot: Say Goodbye To The Stability Pact
The stability pact was always an illusion but Macron's minimum wage hike will put a huge spotlight on France and Italy.
May Delays Brexit Vote In Move To Get EU To Tweak Deal: Yield Curve On Fire
Theresa May's Brexit deal was headed down in flames so bad that she postponed it. May obviously hopes for EU tweaks.
Japan's Red Queen Race
It's wrong to give QE credit for anything given we do not know what would have happened in the absence of it. The only thing we can say for sure is that 15 years of trying, generally produced the opposite results.
4th Weekend Of French Riots, Trump Blames Climate Change, Others Blame Facebook
On the 4th weekend of riots in France triggered by a diesel tax, the blame game begins. Macron is nowhere to be found.
Faith In Central Banks Again In Question: Ominous Implications For Bonds
Despite the near-relentless flattening on most portions of the curve, the 30-year to 10-year spread started diverging in July.
Payrolls Underperform Expectations At 155,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Steady
The unemployment rate was steady but U-6 unemployment rose 0.2% to 7.6%.
Bitcoin Technically Speaking
The Bitcoin chart is seriously broken. Support level after support level has given away. Where to from here?
Trade Deficit Widens By 1.7% With China Leading The Way
Those tariffs sure are working. Unfortunately, in reverse, especially soybeans.
Trade Truce? Think Again: Canadian Authorities Arrest CFO Of Huawei Technologies
At the request of the US, Canadian Authorities arrest Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei Technologies, over Iran sanctions violation.
Beige Book Drivel: Dec 19 FOMC Rate Hike Decision Input
The market expects the Fed to hike. So the Fed will hike. The Beige Book input does not matter.
Slowly Hiking Into A Recession
The Fed is expected to hike on Dec 18 and perhaps in Mar 2019. The rise in the 3-month yield reflects that expectation.
Why The Yield Curve Inverts In One Simple Picture
Japan has had numerous recessions where its yield curve did not invert at all. The US could easily do the same. Inversion is not a recession requirement.
Trump Reaffirms "I Am A Tariff Man", Promises To "Make America Rich Again"
Both the Market and Trump are having second thoughts about the likelihood of a Trump deal with China.
First Inversion In Seven Years: Can A Recession Be Far Off?
The 5-year to the 3-year portion of the yield curve inverted yesterday. Inversion is typically a prelude to recession.
1 to 16 of 3031 Posts
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