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Trump's Hand-Picked Winners And Losers: China Vs Canada, NAFTA Threats, And P&G
Canada is the US's largest export partner. Moreover, when it comes to goods (as opposed to goods and services), the US consistently runs a trade surplus with Canada.
Existing Home Sales Flat Following Four-Month Decline
The impact of Hurricane Florence will be felt. Likely an initial decline, then a surge of some sort.
"Stupid Time" For Pot Stocks
The new mania is pot stocks. Valuations are beyond absurd, which is what always happens in bubbles.
Housing Starts Jump 9.2%, Permits Decline 5.7%
Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in August were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,229,000.
Musk Under DoJ Fraud Investigation
Elon Musk and Tesla are under fraud investigation by the Department of Justice for misleading statements.
Home Sales Trends Vs Recessions
While new home sales are more of an indicator of family formation, existing home sales are far more important by volume.
Trump Unwisely Escalates Trade War: Expect A "Rare Earth" Response From China
Trump has imposed more tariffs on China. If China retaliates, Trump will respond with tariffs on all imports from China.
Transition Time: Volkswagen Announces "Electric For All" Campaign
In the US, adoption of electric will take a while, perhaps a decade. In Europe and China, the roll-out will be much faster.
Musk Says "Sorry": Production Hell Morphs Into Delivery Hell
Despite being far short of production goals, Tesla's (TSLA) Elon Musk apologized for turning production hell into delivery hell.
China May Cancel Trade Talks If Trump Extends Tariffs
After Trump reached out to China offering trade talks, he then gave the go-ahead for more tariffs. China may back out.Trump can inflict more damage on China than the other way around. But unlike China, the US has something called elections.
Consumer Expectations: Home Prices, Spending, Household Income, Inflation
The median household expects to spend a little more than they take in, and very near the median inflation exception as well. Those at the high end expect to spend much more than they make, despite expecting a hefty 5.88% income jump.
Yellen Wants Fed To Commit To Future Booms To Make Up For Busts
Former Fed Chair Yellen promotes "Lower for Longer", a policy in which the Fed knowingly keeps interest rates too low.
State Of European Banks: The ECB View Vs Reality
The ECB would like you to believe the European banking system is sound and banks are better regulated. They aren't.
Trump Tells Aids To Proceed With $200 Billion In Tariffs On China
Despite talks with China, Trump instructs aids to place $200 billion in tariffs on China. Another $267 billion on deck.
Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected, July Revised Up, Large Y-o-Y Amazon Impact
Retail sales only rose 0.1% in Aug, but July was revised from +0.5% to +0.7%. Amazon impact stands out year-over-year.
Import Prices Unexpectedly Drop 0.6%, Most In 18 Months: Export Prices Drop 0.1%
Import prices fell 0.6%. Economists expected a 0.1% decline. Export prices fell 0.1%. Economists expected a 0.2% rise.
1 to 16 of 2867 Posts
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