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Financial Markets Chart Package…
Global equity markets continue to trade on decent fundamentals (increased global GDP and corporate profit growth). Recession risk is low and valuations compared to alternatives and inflation are positive.
Volatility Index Takes Out Its Pre-Crisis Lows…
The S&P 500 volatility index shows the market’s expectation of volatility over the proceeding 30 days. Since volatility is attributed to declining markets, a rising VIX usually coincides with market sell-offs and vice versa.
Interest Rates At Key Support Levels…
The 10 year US treasury bond interest rate is the benchmark for fixed income. Over the last 12 months, interest rates reached a generational low of 1.33% in July 2016.
U.S. Underperforms Global Stock Rally
A lot has been made of the fact that US stocks are making new all-time highs on a daily basis, while seeming to ignore all political volatility. It’s true that volatility measures such as the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) are near record lows.
Small Cap/Financials Weakness A Concern?
One of the themes this year has been the relative underperformance of the Russell 2000 index. This index is comprised of small-cap stocks that generate almost all of their revenues domestically.
Data Suggests More Upside
I wouldn’t be surprised if, going forward, we experience a situation where the economy starts to outperform, while stock performance slows down to an eventual crawl.


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Should Investors Be Cautious On Short Term Bonds?
1 year ago

Thanks for reading Alexa, I appreciate that.

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August Lows Could Be Revisited
2 years ago

Agreed. Good news is bad and bad news is good... It's really made the job more difficult.

Financial Markets Week In Review: September 14-18
2 years ago

Thanks for the kind words! Good points, It seems as if the Fed's new policy of additional transparency has only made uncertainty (and as a result, volatility) increase. Thanks for reading.

Tough Market...
2 years ago

True. Don't forget the inevitable rising Fed Funds Rate after 6 years at 0% as well.

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Why Is There A Common Perception That The Stock Market Is Rigged?
2 years ago

Hi Terry. I was thinking more in terms of the macro picture but you make an excellent point. Individual stock manipulation or front-running is a problem. Thanks for reading.

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