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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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Euro Flirting With Near-Term Downtrend
After consolidating in the Asian session and European morning, the euro has been bid higher in North America. It is testing a downtrend line, drawn off the year's high set in early August near $1.1910.
Dollar Edges Higher, While Equities Trade Heavily To Start The New Week
This benchmark of European shares peaked three months ago and fell 6.3% through August 11. It bounced in the first part of last week, but, after gapping lower before the weekend is back near the recent lows.
Transitioning To A New Phase
The US dollar sold off for the first seven months of 2017 and then spent most of the past month consolidating those losses. The Federal Reserve's Jackson Hole Symposium likely marks the end of the market's summer, and the consolidation phase.
Speculators Add To Sterling And Peso Shorts, While Cutting Euro And Canadian Dollar Longs
Speculators made several significant position adjustment in the CFTC reporting week ending August 15, that included an escalation of aggressive rhetoric by the US and North Korea.
Is The Dollar's August Consolidation Drawing To A Close?
The US dollar began consolidating earlier this month after trending lower since the start of the year. We expected this phase to draw to a close shortly.
Dollar And Equities Trade Heavily Ahead Of The Weekend
The second largest drop in US equities this year has spilled over to drag global markets lower.
Markets Exaggerate, That Is What They Do
The dollar and US yields had been coming off following the collapse of President Trump's business councils.
Euro Softens On Crosses, Treasuries Stabilize
The US dollar has steadied after softening in the North American afternoon yesterday when the dissolution of President Trump's business councils as a series of executives stepped down.
Is The Yen Or Swiss Franc A Better Funding Currency?
Retail investors and some institutional investors focus on the asset they want to acquire in anticipation of price appreciation. The game for some institutional investors is more complicated.
Swiss Franc And Yen Remain Heavy As New Distractions Replace DPRK
The Japanese yen and Swiss franc remain heavy as the markets continue to shift away from the geopolitical risks. A return to the macroeconomic agenda is being deterred by new drama from Washington.
NAFTA: Rock, Paper, Scissors
The North American Free Trade Agreement is more than 20 years old and should be updated. This has been clear for several years.
Greenback Firms, Encouraged By Dudley And Ebbing Of Tensions
Dudley essentially confirmed what many economists have come to expect. This is that next month; the FOMC announces that it will begin not reinvesting the entire maturing proceeds starting in Q4.
The Meaning Of The Resilience Of The System For Investors
There is much doom and gloom. Despite the recovery from the Great Financial Crisis, there is a high element of economic anxiety. It is not just about economics. Political developments are worrisome.
Sigh Of Relief Weighs On Yen And Gold, While Lifting Equities And The Dollar
The lack of new antagonisms over the weekend between the US and North Korea has prompted the markets to react accordingly.
Synthetic FX View-Macro And Prices
An escalation of threatening rhetoric by the United States and North Korea emerged as the key driver last week.
Emerging Markets: What Has Changed - Friday, August 11
In the EM equity space as measured by MSCI, Peru (+1.8%), Czech Republic (+0.7%), and Hungary (+0.5%) have outperformed this week, while India (-3.9%), Korea (-3.5%), and Hong Kong (-2.1%) have underperformed.
1 to 16 of 2117 Posts
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