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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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Equity Slide Continues
The US stock market advance had been led by a narrow group of equities, and those have come under strong pressure amid slower consumer demand and stricter export control.
Cheat Sheet - Monday, Nov. 19
A distillation of the macro backdrop and important price considerations for selected currencies.
Does Monday's Calm Mean A Storm Is Around The Corner?
There is an uneasy calm in the global capital markets. Investors are digesting the weekend news, which includes the failure of APEC to issue a joint statement due to US-China tensions.
Unfinished Business
Several processes are in motion, and there is little confidence in their outcomes. Among these are Brexit, US-China trade, the trajectory of Fed policy, and the EC's efforts to enforce the agreed-upon budget rules.
Dollar Correction To Continue
Sterling was the only major currency to have a worse week than the US dollar. Expectations of Fed policy next year are in flux. The implied yield of the December 2019 fed funds futures fell 15 bp last week to 2.75%, the lowest close in ten weeks.
Turning Brexit Into A Dog's Breakfast
Sterling has stabilized for the moment, but reports indicate that Prime Minister May is unlikely to survive a vote of confidence.
UK Political Drama Roils Sterling
The resignation of the UK's Brexit negotiator after Prime Minister May had secured support from a majority of the cabinet sent sterling sharply lower.
Dollar Comes Back After Yesterday's Profit-Taking
Investors are on pins and needles today. Oil prices are trying to stabilize after WTI's outsized 7% fall yesterday, its largest in three years.
Weak Turn-Around Tuesday
The US dollar has a heavier bias against most of the major and emerging markets currencies, but the pullback is shallow, and the greenback's underlying strength is still evident.
Sterling's Losses Lead Dollar Rally
The US dollar is enjoying broad gains against most major and emerging market currencies.
DOTS In The Week Ahead: Divergence, Oil, Trade And Stocks
The Federal Reserve's confidence in the economy and its need to continue to gradually increase interest rates stands in sharp contrast to most of the other major central banks.
Is The Australian Dollar Signaling A Resumption Of The US Dollar's Advance?
The US dollar strengthened following the midterm election and the Federal Reserve's signal that it intends to continue gradually hiking interest rate. The Antipodean currencies have been the strongest over the past month and the past week.
Greenback Stabilizes At Higher Levels
The US dollar's gains scored in the wake of the Fed's signal that will continue on course to gradually hike rates have been extended.
Fed Sticks To Script, Enjoys The Sweet Spot
The Federal Reserve kept policy on hold, and its sparse statement gave little clue as to what it makes of the pressures in the money markets or the weakness in the housing market.
The Future Is Already Here--It Is Just Not Evenly Distributed
When William Gibson would say that "the future is already here-it is just not evenly distributed," he was referring to how wealth and location determine one's access to technological advances (the future).
Greenback Marks Time Ahead Of FOMC
The S&P 500's largest advance in three weeks helped extend the recovery in Asia and European equities. All the equity markets in Asia rallied, led by the Nikkei's 1.8% gain, except for China, were modest losses were recorded.
1 to 16 of 2758 Posts
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