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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Plan For Retirement
How does your generation stack up? With infographic.
How To Manage Your Finances When Shipping And Exporting Abroad
Those businesses involved with shipping and exporting abroad are well aware of the potential challenges they must overcome in terms of logistics and financial management.
How To Have A More Financially Responsible Mid-life Crisis
It is a remarkably brief period of time between graduation and mid-life crisis. Your first duty is to get a job, then another job, then the one you will have for the next phase of your life.
Weekend Reading: Money And Productivity - July 22, 2016
This post is brought to you by the Black Rifle Coffee Company. Not really. But I am drinking a cup of BRCC’s “Just Black” right now. And it really is fueling this post. I finally bought some with the hopes of writing a review in the near future...
Weekend Reading: Money And Productivity
Today, I’m going to recap the week, show you the money and productivity articles I’ve found around the web over the last couple weeks.
Understanding Bankruptcy: The Reasons For Filing And The Results
Everything you need to know about bankruptcy, from why people file to when to file for yourself.


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10 Tips To Save Money Like Warren Buffett
3 years ago

I'll agree with that, we tend to do that. It's just the human way I suppose.

10 Tips To Save Money Like Warren Buffett
3 years ago

I think controlling emotions is where the successful are separated from the unsuccessful. Successful investing is more about discipline than knowledge.

5 Pitfalls Of Procrastinating To File Your Taxes (And How To Avoid Them)
3 years ago

That's awesome! The earlier, the better...

The Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read On Investing
3 years ago

Thanks, Ayelet! I think people overcomplicate investing, often to the point of not doing it at all. Index funds are a great way to get started. From there, if you find interest in individual stocks, I would recommend it more for the fun or the game, than for the return. You can definitely profit from individual stocks, but when you consider the amount of time you must spend to do so, index funds make more sense mathematically.

In this article: SPX, LAG
The Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read On Investing
3 years ago

Thanks for the comment, Nick! Over the long term, index funds are the easiest, least time-consuming option for investing and they tend to outperform actively trading or active mutual funds. I prefer to spend my time making more money to pour into index funds vs trying to pick winning stocks.

In this article: SPX, LAG
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Kalen Bruce
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Kalen Bruce
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Kalen Bruce
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The 2 Main Ideas From “The Little Book That Beats The Market”
In The Little Book That Beats the Market, author Joel Greenblatt gives an innovative method for choosing stocks. It’s pretty impressive, honestly. Here are his main ideas, and the “magical formula” he uses.
Weekend Reading: Money And Productivity - August 5, 2016
I’ve been reading all kinds of things. I’ve read a couple books this week, and over 20 book summaries on Blinkist – I still love that site. Here’s what I have for you this week…
Digit Review: The Easiest Way To Save Money Ever
"Digit" is an intelligent service that not only saves your money automatically, but it determines how much to save by how much you can afford.

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Kalen Bruce
Kalen Bruce

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Kalen Bruce

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Kalen Bruce
Kalen Bruce

Money and productivity have more in common than you may think. If you really want to get serious about getting out of debt, investing or making more money, you should become a student of finances. Without properly investing your time, you’ll never have time for what’s important​. You have your own set of priorities and goals, but one thing I’m sure of is that you could achieve more with more money and greater productivity.

Let’s not get too serious here though. Life should be fun. I write all of these articles as if I were having a conversation with you and I keep them light, so feel free to jump right in the conversation by commenting and connecting through social media. Let’s learn, grow and become better together.