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Important Terminology For Mutual Funds
Just about every investor with actively open and operating brokerage or retirement accounts is invested in at least one mutual fund.
The Latest McDonald's "Roast": Delivery Services
McDonald's management sees this delivery option as a $100 billion market in which the company can boost its failing growth. In this market, they see sales growth of about 5.0%.
7 Retail Stocks You Need To Avoid
If you hold JCP, SHLD, M, FL, KS, CVS and ODP, it's not time to panic yet but just be vigilant and know that your money may be better invested elsewhere.
St. Patrick's Day Special: Is Investing Just "Lucky"?
Here are 7 main factors that can be used to evaluate a stock quickly to determine if it is worth buying.
An Introduction To Vegan Investing
What exactly can a vegan add to a portfolio and just how restricting is the diversification process?
IPO Review: Snapchat (SNAP)
I think Snapchat is going to have a hard time justifying that the company is really worth $29 billion.
Macro Mondays: Bond Duration
Duration is measured in years. Therefore, if a fixed income security has a high duration, it indicates that investors would need to wait a long period to receive the coupon payments and principal invested.
A (Basic) Introduction To Bitcoin
In the business world, things are constantly changing, in particular, the way we pay electronically for goods and services. I am often asked by those near retirement age about the concept and usage of the world's first digital currency: Bitcoin.
What (Or Who) Is "Sarbanes-Oxley"?
Sarbnes-Oxley (or SOX) is an act passed by U.S. Congress to protect investors from the possibility of fraudulent accounting activities by corporations. The two key provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are Section 302 and Section 404.
Macro Mondays: (Other) Stock Indices
There are many indices in the United State Stock Market.
Stock Legislation Post-1929 Crash
While we have referred to 1929 as one of the most devastating times in US history, it should be noted that quite a lot of good came out the other side when it come to governing the stock market and keeping consumers protected.
Housing Update: American New Home Sales
One of the first dominoes in the stability of the economy is located in a nation's real estate market and prices, in particular, who can and is paying for a brand new house?
How To Indirectly Play The "Weed Rush"
I remain optimistic that the states will continue to see that the pros greatly outweigh the cons when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. There are some creative ways to indirectly benefit from the weed rush across the U.S.
Macro Mondays: Subprime Mortgages
Subprime mortgages continue to exist today and time will tell when/if they will cause major market problems again. Until then, it helps to know and understand the factors that got us there in the first place.
Investors Will Soon Face "Junk Debt" Risk
In recent days, more than $1.0 trillion (that's $1,000,000,000,000) worth of junk debt (bonds) is scheduled to mature over the next five years, and this could provide businesses that are very debt-heavy with quite a few serious challenges.
TBT: When To Give Up On A Losing Stock
It is normal for a stock to lose value from time to time but in the end, you should end up with more than when you started. However, there are some times when you just cannot save a sinking ship.
1 to 16 of 115 Posts
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