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Jennifer Coombs has nearly a decade of experience in the investment world, with a variety of titles and investing functions from trading to model building. GradMoney was created from a desire to change the way young adults view the stock market and a desire to save the general public thousands ... more


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Investors Will Soon Face "Junk Debt" Risk
In recent days, more than $1.0 trillion (that's $1,000,000,000,000) worth of junk debt (bonds) is scheduled to mature over the next five years, and this could provide businesses that are very debt-heavy with quite a few serious challenges.
TBT: When To Give Up On A Losing Stock
It is normal for a stock to lose value from time to time but in the end, you should end up with more than when you started. However, there are some times when you just cannot save a sinking ship.
The Pros & Cons Of Paying For Investment Advice
So, you want to get your retirement and future plans under control this year, but there's a question that may seem easy to some: do you really need to pay for a financial planner?
4 Things To Know About The Stock Market In 2017
Tthe stock market is setting up for a massive surge this year and it is imperative that investors take a closer look at their investments and consider jumping in the market (and jumping out of the market) at the appropriate times.
Macro Mondays: Growth Rates
Retail sales growth is one of the most important growth rates for an economy because it represents consumer confidence and customer spending habits. When the economy is in a recession, people reduce spending and retail sales decline.
10 Stocks To Own (Just For The Dividend)
Here are 10 stocks that demonstrate the power of the dividend! It's up to you to determine if they belong in your portfolio or not.
8 Fun Valentine's Day Economic Facts
Valentine's Day is here and the market sure knows it. Valentine's Day typically occurs during the peak of earnings season, so it often falls by the wayside on the surface.
Macro Mondays: The Inflation Rate
One of the most widely used measurements of economic health is the rate of inflation, which is not the speed at which a balloon is being blown up.
Retirement Planning - Beyond Age 80
If this is something that you feel simply wouldn't be do-able now, here are 3 other helpful tips for planning to retire late and keep your lifestyle the same into your 80's and beyond.
The 4 Biggest Lies About Penny Stocks (That Make Them Sound Good)
Maybe you are one of those people who does their research on any and all penny stocks, but most investors just do not have the time. How do you know if you're being duped into buying penny stocks?
Buy Low, Sell "High": Should You Invest In Cannabis Stocks?
One day cannabis will be made legal on a Federal level, but until that day, there is a ton of growth just waiting for investors.
The U.S. GDP: Where We Are And Where We're Going
The most recent GDP numbers showed that the US economy expanded by 1.7% in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the same time period a year earlier.
Does A Bigger Menu Mean You're "Loving' It"?
As one of the most popular and easily recognizable brands no matter where you go on Earth, McDonald's is just one of those companies that you expect will stay on the up-and-up forever.
Macro Mondays: What's An IPO?
IPO is a term we often hear thrown around on the news for various companies, but what exactly does it mean? Let's check out the basics.
Bulls & Bears: A Look At The Dow Jones Beyond 20,000
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that this week the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the $20,000 mark for the first time ever.
Starbucks > McDonalds
An article in Bloomberg recently pointed to evidence that Starbucks is now poised to surpass McDonald's as the largest restaurant company in the world; currently with more than 50,000 locations.
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