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Jennifer Coombs has nearly a decade of experience in the investment world, with a variety of titles and investing functions from trading to model building. GradMoney was created from a desire to change the way young adults view the stock market and a desire to save the general public thousands ... more


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How To Explain ETFs To Anyone
ETFs are funds that provide diversified investment exposure to a particular market segment or strategy.
Macro Mondays: Asset Allocation
Asset allocation is an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
Is There Any Real Value To Cryptocurrencies?
Knowledge and a deep intellectual understanding of how cryptocurrencies work is vital to making sure the public understands the logic behind the currency and how it will be a better choice in the future.
Macro Mondays: Hedge Funds
Hedge funds are alternative investments using pooled funds that employ numerous different strategies to earn active return, or alpha, for their investors.
Toronto Is Entering A Housing Bubble
Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and despite being a fast-growing city, it is the one global city with the highest risk of entering a housing bubble.
What Stocks Will Win If The Trump Tax Plan Passes Congress?
Wall Street is literally drooling over this possibility. Major tech companies will be more likely to repatriate cash if the corporate tax rate is slashed.
Macro Mondays: Common Stock
Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation. Holders of common stock exercise control by electing a board of directors and voting on corporate policy.
Happy Halloween: What's So Scary About The Stock Market?
In honor of Halloween, I will address three of the most common mistakes that cause investors a lot of unnecessary angst.
Macro Mondays: Russell 2000 Index
The Russell 2000 is a great index for measuring the performance of many small-corporations and, as a result, help in measuring the overall health of the US economy. It's a much riskier index than many, but quite profitable if it is timed correctly.
U.S. Poverty Rate Declined In 2016
While you may not have noticed it in your home state or city, the official poverty rate in the United States has actually managed to recover back to pre-recession levels back in 2016.
Macro Mondays: Social Security
A United States federal program of social insurance and benefits developed in 1935. The Social Security program's benefits include retirement income, disability income, Medicare and Medicaid, and death and survivorship benefits.
The Truth About The "Estate (Death) Tax"
Some key facts about the estate tax that you need to know before any kind of tax reform gets passed through Congress.
Macro Mondays: Correction
Corrections are generally temporary price declines interrupting an uptrend in the market or an asset.
Will The Bull Market Keep Going Into 2018?
2016 and 2017 have been quite the couple years for the stock market, with all of the major US indices reaching never-before-seen highs and rallies in just about every sector save oil and gas.
Macro Mondays: Ladder Strategy
When interest rates increase, bond prices react inversely. This especially holds true the longer the maturity date is on a bond.
Tweets Cause Treasury Yields To Drop?
The spread between Treasuries has reached troubling levels (-10-year spread, which is tighter by 2.5 bps at 79.4 bps), these have been at their flattest level since the fourth quarter of 2007 (right before the recession).
1 to 16 of 203 Posts
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