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Jennifer Coombs has nearly a decade of experience in the investment world, with a variety of titles and investing functions from trading to model building. GradMoney was created from a desire to change the way young adults view the stock market and a desire to save the general public thousands ... more


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US ISM Non Manufacturing PMI Beats Forecasts
The ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI index for the United States jumped to 58.6 in May of 2018 from 56.8 in April, well above market expectations of 57.5.
Why Europe Is The Poster Child For ESG Investing
While Europe didn't necessarily invent the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis for investments, Europe continues to serve as the primary driver of research and analysis.
Where Do US Steel Imports Come From?
There's been a lot of talk on steel imports to the U.S. since it was announced that there would be massive tariffs imposed on steel imports. But where do these imports actually come from and how do they impact the local economy?
How Many Americans Have Nothing Saved For Retirement?
It's sad but true. Millions of Americans are more focused on paying their bills, many living paycheck to paycheck, and not even remotely considering saving for retirement.
Help! What Does All This Wall Street Jargon Mean?
Understanding the jargon of the market is going to be highly important as we move further away from the recession of 2008 -- volatility is coming back.
4 Ways To Get Started With Impact Investments
While sustainability is nice (and important) many more investors are seeking broader societal impact by putting investments into companies that will make a difference, rather than just making a donation.
US Housing Starts At Highest Level In 2 Years
Real estate, in particular, housing data, is one of the most important gauges of economic health, and since the housing market collapse of 2008-2009, we've seen quite the improvement.
How Millennials Are Driving Impact Investing Forward
While student loan debt is among one of the largest factors holding down the Millennial generation financially, in the not so distant future this is about to change.
5 Mistakes Investors Make By Going Solo On Their Retirement
Many Americans have taken it upon themselves to do the vast majority of retirement planning without the help of a financial advisor. While that is perfectly fine and legal, it is not entirely wise considering the long-term margin for error.
2018 Forecast Of Global Wage Growth (And Decline)
In theory, wage growth ought to maintain the same, if not higher, growth rate as inflation.
Will Cryptocurrencies Lead To The Biggest Bubble Of All Time?
Bitcoin and many related cryptocurrencies are teetering on the edge of a meltdown. Few people have any clue about what they are doing when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.
Is Oil Close To Becoming Obsolete?
While the US federal government will not seek formal support for the limiting of carbon emissions and drilling of oil, evidence shows that the petroleum industry may already be going the way of the dodo.
How Much You Could Have Made Following Amazon's IPO?
Amazon has had a massively successful history and is showing no sign of slowing.
Macro Mondays: Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
With tax-deferred accounts, the IRS grows impatient and wants to tax them as soon as they are able, so to encourage retirees to withdraw money to tax, they enforce what is known as the 'required minimum distribution' amount on retirement accounts.
Macro Mondays: REITs
A REIT is a type of security that invests in real estate through property or mortgages and often trades on major exchanges like a stock.
Ways To Avoid The Early Withdrawal Penalty On IRAs
With Roth IRAs, there some unique features that can allow for early withdrawals that will avoid the 10% penalty.
1 to 16 of 227 Posts
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