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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.

Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc., in Buffalo, NY, as an intern while completing ... more


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Why Aren’t Oil Prices $50 Ahead?
Right now there are two conventional propositions behind the “reflation” trade, and in many ways both are highly related if not fully intertwined.
EC Their Gap Is Closed, Ours Still Needs To Be
There are actually two parts to examining the orthodox treatment of the output gap. The first is the review, looking backward to trace how we got to this state. The second is looking forward trying to figure what it means to be here.
Transitory Again
The Consumer Price Index for January 2017 rose 2.5%, pulled upward by its energy component which thanks to oil prices now being comparing to the absolutely lows last year saw that part of the index rise 11.1% year-over-year.
Changes In TIC
The Treasury Department estimates the private side selling a net of $40 billion in UST’s, and just $32 billion overall (+$12 billion agencies, +$5 billion corporates, -$9 billion equities).
Real Wages Really Inconsistent
Real average weekly earnings for the private sector fell 0.6% year-over-year in January. It was the first contraction since December 2013 and the sharpest since October 2012.
No Acceleration In Industry, Either
Industrial Production in the United States was flat in January 2017, following in December the first positive growth rate in over a year. The monthly estimates for IP are often subject to greater revisions than in other data series.
Even When It’s Different It’s Really Not
Retail sales grew by 4.92% year-over-year in January 2017, the third consecutive month of gains around 5%. It was the first time for three months near that level since 2014.
How To Properly Measure The Economy So As To Properly Interpret ‘Hawkishness’
“Dollars” of all types, shapes, and sizes flew easily all around the world as banks grew in the geometric fashion. Is it really surprising to find that there has been no economic growth, either?
Eurodollar Decay, Specifically What’s Missing
Economists have always fashioned themselves in the style of physicists. They endlessly scrawl incomprehensible equations on blackboards because it is the epitome of science, the allure of great intelligence seemingly to do great things.
Eurodollar Decay, What’s Missing?
Banks are continuing to pull back and there is just nothing in the system willing and able to fill the “dollar” gap they leave behind.
A New Frame Of Reference Is Really All That Is Necessary To Start With
In the middle of 1919, the United States was beset by a great many imbalances. Given that the Federal Reserve was by then merely a few years old, no one was quite sure what to do about it.
Europe Sets Off Toward Japan
If a central bank is doing something, you can almost be assured that at its theoretical root lies a statement or idea proposed by Milton Friedman in the 1960’s.
Whose Fault?
It’s pretty safe to write that no matter what happens in the global monetary system it won’t be considered properly.
To Die Or To Reject?
Everything was supposed to be normal by now, but it isn’t. The Great “Recession” was supposed to have been a recession, but it wasn’t. What failed? The experts…or you?
No China Trade Interpretations
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of China does not publish any of the big three data series (Industrial Production, Retail Sales, Fixed Asset Investment) for the month of January.
Recovery Begins By Overturning Neutrality
Economics is a mathematical illusion standing in for competence, nothing more. Until politicians stop cowering in fear of it, however, we are all stuck until something really breaks.
1 to 16 of 814 Posts
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