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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.

Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc., in Buffalo, NY, as an intern while completing ... more


TIC Analysis Of Selling
The “dollar” started rising, global markets spun into turmoil, and during all of it foreign holders, almost exclusively official holders, a fact almost never reported, “sold” primarily UST assets.
Durable Goods After Leap Year
Though conditions this year are improved as compared to this time last year, none of the economic accounts so far including durable goods register anything more than a sign change. There is no growth, and no indication as yet that there will be.
The Inverse Of Keynes
With nearly all of the S&P 500 companies having reported their Q4 numbers, we can safely claim that it was a very bad earnings season.
Stuck In Yesterday
We are stuck until something legitimately changes not in terms of future hope but now, and in a big way. Unfortunately, that just isn’t likely to happen, and I would make the same prediction even if the Obamacare repeal was a done deal.
Non-Randomly Surveying RMB
China’s central bank, unlike other central banks, is constantly active almost never resting. Because it is always in motion, the PBOC can seem to be “adding” liquidity at the very same time it might be “draining” it.
The Confidence In Confidence
Despite what consumer confidence indices make out, there is a discrepancy that over the past few years is as compelling as it is consistent.


CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.
DB Deutsche Bank AG
GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.
MCD McDonald's Corporation



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