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2016 Forecast - Checked!
With 2016 behind us, it is high time to see which of our predictions were on point and which ones were off,
War On Cash Gains Fresh Impetus
Imagine, 86% of all cash in circulation suddenly becomes worthless. This is exactly what happened after 500 and 1000 rupee notes lost their purchasing power.
The World Of Gold Is About To Change
When you look at the price of gold in 2016 you see that the level we have today 1130 USD/oz is only a little bit higher than January’s 1050 USD/oz. Jumping to conclusions we may say that this year was very calm, but the reality is far from it.
The Prophecy Of Ben Bernanke
However surreal the monetary policy all over the world seems it may always get a little more quirky. Ben Bernake's speech from 2002 is the reality of today. There is one more item on his list - will President Trump follow Bernanke's instruction?
HH Will The Fed Initiate A (Mini) Crisis?
Today’s world is indebted at the scale never seen before, especially when we add debt on all levels – government, corporate and private. Every increase of the interest rate makes debt servicing more expensive.
FANG - Stocks The Street Buys
Since 2015 FANG added 630 billion USD while the rest of S&P 500 added only 45 billion USD. The growth of this index is based on the popularity of a few companies.


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Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
1 year ago

Carroll Richard Now we know what America thinks.

Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
1 year ago

1. HC didn't send reinforcements to the Ambassador who told her about a violent,developing situation in Benghazi and asked for them. This is a clear negligence on her side that led to deaths of people.

2. Wikileaks show how corrupt political scene in the US has been for years now. Including inside machinations of the DNC. If the emails showing how they cheated on Bernie, gave questions to Clinton before the debate is not unfair to you then I do not think we will agree on basic moral principles.

Don't blame the messenger also, saying that every politician is like this is no excuse, only shows how poor and immoral the candidate is.

3. I gave you CNN report on Youtube. How exactly has this been debunked?

If you are ok to vote for Clinton who is responsible for the death of US Ambassador, cheating on Bernie Sanders, giving away control over 20% of US Uranium deposits to Putin and laughing at a 12-year-old girl being raped- nothing else will change your mind and it's up to you to find peace of mind.

With that being said please do not try to claim high moral ground because it looks ridiculously unprofessional and is false. Also, next time check the stuff you claim twice - watch the video I gave you the link, she is clearly laughing and claims (it's in the case file) that 12-year-old WANTED to be raped.

Own your decision but do not whitewash Clinton because the leaks are not over yet (CGI, Podesta).

Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
1 year ago

Since you probably haven't read a lot about her from Wikileaks I'd put it this way:

Which candidate has lives on one's consciousness? Heard about Benghazi? Her laughing at getting rapist of a 12-year-old off the hook? Here, it's on CNN:

Trump while being an unknown is better than the obvious path to war with Russia, more Middle East crusades and pushing this country off the cliff when she becomes Obama 2.0.

You give an emotional argument which does not only prove that you will have a hard time backing your assertion with sources but also you apply different standards when you judge both candidates.

Japan’s Unemployment Rate Has Plunged Even Though The Economy Is Performing Poorly
1 year ago

Maybe their method of calculation has changed. Just like in the US unemployment rate is sub 5% but the labor participation rate is dropping steadily for years.

Clinton Or Trump? Elections With Global Impact - Head To Head Before Debate
1 year ago

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