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E Gold Entering New Cycle
It appears gold is following a new 30-32 day cycle. Prices reached a cycle low on Tuesday, November 13th. We are three trading days into the next period, and the cycle turning point should arrive in late December.
Commodities: Critical Support
Gold, Silver, and GDXJ are at critical support while the dollar appears to be breaking out of a 3-month bullish consolidation.
Consumer Sentiment Is Key To Gold Advance
Consumer sentiment holds the keys to the next multi-year advance in gold. Precious metals peaked in 2011 when sentiment bottomed at 55. Sentiment soared to 75 by the end of 2011, and that propelled gold into a new bear market.
Money Flows After The Elections
Money flows after the elections will tell us how to be positioned heading into year-end. Is 2018 the year that streak ends or will precious metal investors get another buying opportunity this December?
Metal Price Action Remains Crazy
The price action remains crazy before the midterm elections. Metals and miners have endured several explosive days up and down over the last 2-months.
Gold's Price Action
With today’s price action I can say with about 90% confidence that gold peaked October 26th at $1246. The question now is how far will prices drop and when can we expect the next tradable bottom.


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Gold Prices Are Overdue For A Bounce, But Prices Continue To Trade Lower
1 year ago

Gold drops into a major cycle low approximately every 8-years. The last cycle low was in 2008. Prices should bottom in the first quarter of 2017, and a new bull run will begin. The dollar should make a significant top in the first half of 2017.

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A Strong Rally Tomorrow?
2 years ago

Hi Gary - I agree that the destiny higher is sealed. My cycle work is at a critical turning point, and if prices are going to correct even further, we will know soon. What a fantastic opportunity to invest if they do!

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Miners Are Making An “Outside Reversal”
2 years ago

Hi Aleh,

Precious metals and miners are currently at a fork-in-the-road. The bullish view would have a low form around this level followed by a rally above $26.00, and then to new highs. However, the bearish view maintains a breach of the October lows followed by a 30% decline into January/February. The direction they take likely hinges upon the US Presidential election results. Therefore, I would hold off on investing in miners (GDX is a diversified precious metal mining ETF) until we know what track prices have chosen.

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The 8-Year Cycle In Precious Metals
2 years ago

Hi Cynthia,

No- I haven't noticed much deviation. Sometimes the cycle arrives before the election but more often than not just after. However, this cycle may have terminated early because of negative interest rates in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, etc. The month of November is key: If gold prices are unable to sustain a move above $1,315, then we risk rolling over and dropping into the standard 8-year post-election timing window.

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