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Should The UK Be Worried About Inflation? No - Looming Deflation Is The Real Concern
Fifty years ago then-prime minister Harold Wilson made the decision to devalue the pound in a bid to tackle the UK’s flagging economy. Today, the UK government is beset with a similar issue.
July 2017 Chemical Activity Barometer Year-Over-Year Growth Rate Slowing Continues
The Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) remained unchanged from July, continuing a modest deceleration of growth. The flat reading follows a 0.1 percent increase in July and a flat reading in June.
Optimizing The Federal Corporate Tax Rate
Corporate tax antagonists have chased the wrong rate. Rather than assuming lower rates mean higher GDP, they should determine the optimum corporate tax rate, the rate that most benefits the entire economy.
CBO's Budget And Economic Outlook: 2017 To 2027
In fiscal year 2016, for the first time since 2009, the federal budget deficit increased in relation to the nation’s economic output.
Exploring Inequality: Real Wages And Productivity Growth
In 1965-1973 wages and productivity chugged along nicely but after this productivity continued rising while wages stagnated. Only during the Clinton boom era did wages actually start growing again.
Investor Diversity And Liquidity In The Secondary Loan Market
Over the last two decades, the U.S. secondary loan market has evolved from a relatively sleepy market dominated by banks and insurance companies that trade only occasionally to a more active market.


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2 years ago
I am a foreigner who lives in India about 6 months a year. there is a theory that a ship runs smoother if all rowers are rowing in the same direction - even if it is wrong. At this point Rajan is the rower trying to move the ship in the opposite direction. It is significantly easier to slow an economy down than speed it up - in fact, i see no evidence from anywhere in the world that monetary policy can be used to accelerate an economy. Rajan's policies are a brake on the indian economy.
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