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Unintended Consequences Of Corporate Tax Incentives
Without an ever-rising market, investors might feel a need to save more for retirement or other goals out of their paychecks instead of relying on the courtesy of corporations to buy their stock from them.
January 2017 Headline New Home Sales Significantly Improve But Below Expectations
The headlines say new home sales significantly improved. The median sales price for homes marginally improved. But the rolling averages declined and the improvement was below market expectations.
Fed Up: Culture Shock
Recessions might have been more frequent, the financial losses greater for some, but if the Fed had let the economy heal on its own, America would have been stronger in the end and the bedrock of our nation, capitalism, would not have been corrupted.
A New Era Of Central Banking?
Which path with the BoE take? Will it reign in a new era in central banking and macroeconomic understanding? Or will it fall back on New Keynesian nostrums and integrate their new understanding of monetary operations into the old gospels?
Why Does Economic Growth Keep Slowing Down?
The U.S. economy expanded by 1.6 percent in 2016, as measured by real gross domestic product (GDP).
Will Inflation Return Anytime Soon?
The prospects of tax cuts and an infrastructure spending package suggested by the new administration, coupled with an already low headline unemployment rate, argues, it seems, for a higher inflation rate, at least eventually.


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Betting On India
2 years ago
I am a foreigner who lives in India about 6 months a year. there is a theory that a ship runs smoother if all rowers are rowing in the same direction - even if it is wrong. At this point Rajan is the rower trying to move the ship in the opposite direction. It is significantly easier to slow an economy down than speed it up - in fact, i see no evidence from anywhere in the world that monetary policy can be used to accelerate an economy. Rajan's policies are a brake on the indian economy.
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