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When Does Trade Adjust After Being Liberalized?
When a country liberalizes trade, trade tends to increase substantially.
Welfare Versus GDP: What Makes People Better Off
Economists have long known that GDP is an imperfect measure of well-being, counting just the value of goods and services bought and sold in markets.
February 2018 Consumer Expectations: Financial Situations Continued To Improve In February
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Center for Microeconomic Data released the February 2018 Survey of Consumer Expectations, which shows a slight increase in short- and medium- term inflation expectations.
Do Low Rates Encourage Yield Seeking By Money Market Funds?
The effects of changes in the risk premium vary according to the magnitude of the fund’s default cost: when the risk premium increases, lower default cost funds take more risk, whereas higher default cost funds take less.
When The Stock Market Rises, Who Benefits?
The recent stock market volatility has generated a lot of discussion. Many Americans grapple with what it exactly means for the broader economy as well as its impact on their household balance sheets.
Will We Repeat A Crash Trigger From The Past?
Index futures have plunged Tuesday night on news that Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser, is resigning. The sell-off has brought the E-Mini futures down to within an inch of triggering a ‘mechanical’ buy, I’d flagged at 2687.00.


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3 years ago
I am a foreigner who lives in India about 6 months a year. there is a theory that a ship runs smoother if all rowers are rowing in the same direction - even if it is wrong. At this point Rajan is the rower trying to move the ship in the opposite direction. It is significantly easier to slow an economy down than speed it up - in fact, i see no evidence from anywhere in the world that monetary policy can be used to accelerate an economy. Rajan's policies are a brake on the indian economy.
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