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E Market Briefing For Monday, June 19
Terrains are in transition all over the place. Most evidently with Friday's earthquake that dug another fissure in an already-fractured and desolate retail landscape. It's not about Whole Foods but about distribution and supply-chain economics.
Market Briefing For Monday, June 12
In sum, though damaged, we continue to have a partial 'technical cushion' (above the primary rising S&P trend-line) that inhibits declines from getting too far before they rebound, as periodically the short sellers are repeatedly run in.
E Market Briefing For Monday, June 5
Dipping back from rarefied air the market has probed, during weeks of a grind that finally made it by 'grinding' gradually then probing into the historic stratospheric levels we are now at, remains a prospect ahead of mid-month.
E Market Briefing For Tuesday, May 30
Next week will not necessarily be a dramatic blowoff. Last week saw a significant withdrawal of funds, evidence that serious money is not buying into the onward and upward into the onward and upward saga for this market, and is becoming nervous.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 24
Where does this end? With significant risk still present.
E Market Briefing For Monday, May 22
Almost like a 'volcano' appears before and after it erupts, Friday's very strong upward extension saw prices start to flow down the other side of that pyramid; albeit the news-based selling was somewhat contained nearer the session's close.


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Market Briefing For Monday, December 19
6 months ago

Well said and 'close' to what I've said to our 'actual' subscribers for several weeks. I wouldn't worry about 'Trade'; just avoid 'linear thinking' and recognize that China and Mexico realize things have to be renegotiated. As to the market; before the Vote I projected an extreme rally if Trump won; opposite of most forecasts. And now I have another view as we move into the new tax year. I appreciate your interest in my work; and reflections. (The comments here are usually required to be a day or two after shared with our subscribers and do not include my technical chart video analysis... I do appreciate the interest... happy holidays!)

In this article: SPX
Beware The Ides Of March
1 year ago

It means we expected early March strength in the S&P futures, which is our trading focus. But 'beware the Ides of March', is a forward warning for trouble later in the month from a very overbought short-term condition.

(Please understand that portions of our reports are posted as TalkMarkets wishes. They are excerpts of my work, delayed at least a day or two in fairness to our paying subscribers at, and they are not each day's report either. So (sorry) that perhaps makes following the context, or flow, of our forecasts a little bit confusing, as by the time you read it, it will be well after our regular members saw the report. Thanks for your interest!)

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Pundits 'Hunting' For 'Signs Of A Bear'
1 year ago

Thank you kindly Adem; my bearishness for the last six months was based on 'facts' evident in the buyback-sustained S&P range during distribution. Even the OMB and IMF saw global GDP deteriorating, yet so many acted 'as if' things were growing. For our subscribers, we're still short from March S&P 2065; came out of half over 2 weeks ago now; and layered a bit back on during this past Monday's rally. A bit antsy about China's Currency Reserves coming Sunday, during a week their FX trading desks will be closed. Cheers!

Pattern Analysis Is Dismissed
1 year ago

A post-script (of course the report posted is partial; and from Monday). We focused in-depth on the downside of 'negative interest rate policies'; warn about the Banks (especially Europe and Japan); and suggested new members use the afternoon Monday rally to get short the S&P. The report for Wednesday will outline why Japan has a prospect to crack; why their JGB Auction may be cancelled; and why this confirms my views of the inappropriateness of negative rate policy directives.

In this article: GLD, SLV
Financial Credit & Counterparty Risk
1 year ago

Traders & investors should know that this post is an 'excerpt' of my full report a couple days ago. In fairness to subscribing members; our technical analysis videos and the majority of the report is not posted. I do several intraday S&P trading videos each day, plus the longer evening report. (Just wanted everyone to be aware that, for example, the projection for stable then higher Oil made early in the past week; leading the market up to take-out the S&P's accelerated declining trend pattern; hence running-in shorts who shorted weakness (we covered part for a 200 handle huge gain and called for the bounce as well as Friday morning's fade as it indeed spiked over the declining trend)... just to give you an idea of how I approach the market in the present environment (including views about ultimate lows).

Denial Isn't A River In Egypt
1 year ago

Thank you Doug; English is my only language; and even though I'm older now; I wouldn't mind if my work was more widely shared. After all, I pioneered financial TV; and I guess in my more-articulate youth was easier to understand :)

In this article: OIL, COMP, SPX, NYA, VIX
Denial Isn't A River In Egypt
1 year ago

Well thank you kindly. Last night, for instance, I didn't finished until 9:30 ET as Asia was tanking anew; barely had time to get to the gym for a quick swim. But I agree and having called this I can make my reports briefer for awhile (I really had pleaded with investors to focus on risks in recent months). Also; I appreciate this excellent site sharing my work; but in fairness to our subscribers it's every few days; not every day; so a sense of flow may be missing when you read our work here. Finally, most of the technical observations are via video, not seen here (I don't mean to encourage sales, but that's part of why it may not flow as well as seeing every day's assessment). Again thanks for the kind words!

In this article: OIL, COMP, SPX, NYA, VIX
Denial Isn't A River In Egypt
1 year ago

Hi Craig. videos are NOT included here and the reports are delayed in fairness to our members, by a day or two at least. I think they are meant to be excerpts; not the full reports. Our website has all the info; for our two Services. One is the nightly Daily Briefing; with a video; whereas the MarketCast during the day focuses on E-mini / S&P and overall issues about 4 times daily. If you have unanswered questions, send me an email: gene at

In this article: OIL, COMP, SPX, NYA, VIX
Denial Isn't A River In Egypt
1 year ago

In English: it said the market is continuing to go down; and will go lower whether we get intervening rallies or not. Seriously; I do 4 videos a day for our members, and write the report with embedded charts and videos each night. It's a lot of work and really no staff to proof-read. Sorry you're having trouble reading it. If time allows I try to simplify or proof. However I'm old-school and tend to avoid soundbites; trying to actually explain things.

In this article: OIL, COMP, SPX, NYA, VIX
The Real Monsters Are Unmasked
1 year ago

Oh my; please read my bio at ; my first language certainly is English; and given that I have little time to proof (nor the staff as in my old financial TV 'daze'), I'm just glad to share my views. Thanks for liking my analysis however!

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