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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Asia Is Bonding, Opposite Of Trump's Hope
The unification of purpose of China, India and Russia, a rise of Asia as the world's largest trading block will be a negative result for the United States, the opposite of what POTUS wanted.
E Is The USA Too Weak To Let China Succeed?
New ideas are needed for a more complex and dangerous world, or we are headed for either economic or armed disaster, or both.
E Fed Abandons R-Star While Trump Caves In
While we know that Donald Trump is ... unusual, we did not know that the Fed was becoming strange. Now we learn that the Fed is almost abandoning an essential formula.
E Trump Revenge And The Prediction Of A Soft Landing
So, when the world laughed at Donald Trump at the United Nations, it set the world up for revenge. It made the world a more dangerous place. I do not know what form Trump's revenge will take. But caution is in order.
E Attacking The Everything Bubble Without Killing The Economy
Now the Fed is in the process of popping the bubbles all at once. Dire consequences for workers will follow. It could be deflationary in the way that Mish Shedlock rightly abhors. We are facing long term secular deflation, and new ideas are needed.
E Fed Governor Cements Looming Economic Destruction
Hawks have taken over the Fed and the doves exist just for show. Yes there are bubbles, but in assets, not in economic production. The Fed will most likely crush the second to slow the first, and hide behind the neutral rate to do so.
E Fed Signals Will Break The Economy. Wait Til Trump Finds Out
The Fed won't change, just like a leopard won't change its spots, and will likely establish the same policies that it has in the past to break the economy. China will court American business, maybe limit tit for tat, but Trump will not be happy.
E Scott Sumner Destroys Financial Times Fear Of China
The Financial Times has come out with an article fearful of China. Scott Sumner decimated it. For the FT, fear of losing a cultural war with China must be widely understood. But it isn't.
E Fed In A Box
Market monetarists like Scott Sumner and Kevin Erdmann say raising of rates instead of raising inflation will result in the dropping of the R* rate. The Fed does monetary stimulus by cutting rates below that equilibrium rate, not by raising rates.
E The Lowdown Federal Reserve Bank
The Fed made the Great Recession far worse on purpose but says it was all about providing accommodation!.
E Suicide Watch: Farmers Are Hurting, Mr. Trump
Donald Trump is putting farmers on the front line with trade. There is a mental health danger discussed below as well as farmers being subject to demand shocks that come with trade uncertainty.
E Trump's Punishment Of China: The Start Of A Radical Rejection Of Foreign Capital?
Donald Trump originally said he wanted to default but it was changed to buy back at a discount. He has never refuted this position. How would his radical thinking impact the USA as a safe haven for world investments?
E The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
American auto workers have nearly doubled since 2011 according to the Hill blog. President Trump is endangering what is already a growth industry for America.
E Yes There WAS A Housing Bubble
Scott Sumner is dead wrong. There was indeed a housing bubble in the last decade. It did not, by itself, cause the Great Recession, but its crash worked to tighten the money supply.
E Keynes And Trump Tariffs
Keynes spoke to the timing of tariffs. The timing of USA tariffs could actually slow the economy, as the price to produce goes up. There could be nothing or little to show for it in economic and employment growth.
E Will Canadian Boycott Start With Kentucky Whiskey?
While we hope things don't get so bad in Canada with trade tariffs that boycotts are needed, certainly they are a tool that could bring restraint to out of control governments. Boycotts can work and are patriotic. But they should be a last resort.
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