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I’m an early 40′s Internet entrepreneur that launched several dot coms with varying success in each. At the very least my living has been made online for the past 17 years and at the most I had a fun time in each venture.

I began seriously investing for dividend income ... more

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January 2018 Stock Considerations
With a new year and a new month upon us, it is time, once again, for me to outline my potential stock picks for my dividend growth portfolio.
Recent Stock Purchase December 2017
As the final week of 2017 is at hand I realize that I still have not made my monthly buy(s). As everything cryptocurrency took over the headlines in recent weeks you can imagine that my focus has strayed a bit.
Dividend Income Update November 2017
Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $313.78 up from $271.58 an increase of 15.5% from November of last year.
December 2017 Stock Considerations
Entering the home stretch of 2017 and looking back at the last eleven months, one thing is certain: no one.predicted a year like this.
Recent Stock Purchase November 2017
Cardinal Health, Inc. represents an opportunity to average down my cost basis on a stock that’s clearly had a rough 2017 while still yielding well over 3% with room for future growth which is my main focus.
Dividend Income Update October 2017
We all know what it’s like to come off our September highs of dividend income and report on less than spectacular numbers for October. It’s all part of dividend investing.
November 2017 Stock Considerations
There are many companies on the operating table today. For November I will be considering Hormel Foods Corporation and General Mills, Inc. once again, each trading slightly above their 52-week lows and still sport safe relatively high yields.
Recent Stock Purchase October 2017
The shares continue to look weak driving up HRL’s yield to historically high levels and there still appears to be sufficient cash flow to cover the dividend.
Baby DivHut Dividend Income Portfolio Update Q3 2017
With nine months of the year already behind us, I highlight baby DivHut’s quarterly dividend income/portfolio progress. With the stock market continuing to chug along it was nice to see some impressive gains made in the two-year-old portfolio.
Dividend Income Update September 2017
Looking back at the last nine months of 2017 we’ve seen no shortage of potential monkey wrenches thrown at this market yet it continues to chug along. Here are a few dividend stocks for your portfolio.
October 2017 Stock Considerations
October is knocking on our door and it’s time, once again, to outline my potential stock picks for the new month.
I Bought Cryptocurrencies
After reading, learning, watching and chatting with others who have already bought into the space I decided it was my turn to buy and average into several of these digital currencies.
Recent Stock Purchase September 2017
With three weeks of September under our collective belts, it was getting time for me to pull the trigger on my monthly dividend stock buy. Don’t be afraid to invest in the market today.
Buying Insurance Stocks On Near Term Weakness
It seems with all the hurricane activity we are witnessing in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean many stocks in the insurance space have been extra volatile falling quite dramatically in recent days.
Dividend Income Update August 2017
The market may move up and down irrationally and seemingly on a whim while our dividends remain much more stable, reliable and predictable.
September 2017 Stock Considerations
With a new month quickly approaching it is time, once again, to lay out my potential stock picks and decide where I’d like to deploy my fresh capital for the month of September.
1 to 16 of 247 Posts
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