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Vomund Investment Management, a fee-only Investment Advisor, was founded in 1998 by David Vomund. David has 30-years of investment and portfolio management experience. He was rated the top market timer by Timer Digest for the three-year period 2011-13. He was the featured interview ... more


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E Fixed Income: Investing In A Rising Rate Environment
Interest rates are at a seven-year high. That has been bad news for Treasury bond owners. What should fixed-income investors do in a rising environment?
Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Value stocks are beginning to outperform. Here's how to profit.
The Bullish Case
Why is volatility low? Why are stocks rising? Readers of this column know full well. The economy is strong and earnings are up. End of story.
Earnings Explain Everything
There are a lot of reasons why stocks should fall. It's easy to get negative. But stocks are up nearly six percent this year. Why? Earnings explain everything.
Is Wall Street Like A Casino?
Some say Wall Street is rigged and compare stock ownership to a casino. If Wall Street is a casino, it's one in which the odds heavily favor the players. That's not a typo.
E What Could Go Wrong?
Many positives that are affecting stock prices, primary earnings and interest rates. The outlook is still good. But it’s also best to be prepared for a bear market. What can go wrong?
E On The Fed And The Economy
The economic outlook is good. Here's what that means to interest rates and the equity market.
On Earnings And Interest Rates
Will interest rates rise or stay flat? Your answer might be wrong so don't invest a portfolio 100% for one viewpoint. Instead, it's best to remain balanced.
It's (Still) All About Earnings
Stocks are volatile and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Nor do I see a big move lower from here. Here's why.
Is This A Bear Market?
The market is very volatile and most indexes remain near their 2018 lows. People are nervous. So, has the bull market ended? Did we enter a bear market?
Too Good?
Would you like a 7-percent return without being subjected to the volatility of the stock market? How about 6-percent in a security that Standard & Poor’s rates BBB-, which is investment grade? Here's how.
Be Prudent...or At Least Cautious
Will interest rates continue to rise? Everyone thinks so. Still, it's prudent to hold some securities that will do well if the majority are wrong. Here's why. .
It's (Still) Ok To Be Optimistic
With the chaos in Washington and rising market volatility it's increasingly difficult to be optimistic. Should it be?
Sound And Fury
The market is increasingly volatile. Do the market swings mean much? To a trader, yes. To a long-term investor, no.
A Month To Remember
Does the volatility mean an end to the bull market?
Lessons From The Olympians
During the Olympics CNBC is tracking the stock market in the morning and curling in the afternoon. Which is more useful for investors?
1 to 16 of 36 Posts
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