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David A. Stockman is the ultimate Washington insider turned iconoclast. He began his career in Washington as a young man and quickly rose through the ranks of the Republican Party to become the Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President ... more

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Your Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - More On The Donald's MAGA Delusions And Others
The individual tax rate cuts, credits and 20% deduction for business income in the GOP tax bill cost upwards of $200 billion per year, but were written in disappearing ink. Donald now thinks it would be swell if they were made permanent.
The Delusions Of MAGA And The Return Of Honest Bond Yields, Part 4
As bond yields march relentlessly higher, corporate earnings are going to be hammered by rising interest expense - even as C-suites and boards get called to account for having borrowed trillions in order to feed financial engineering payments.
Sell The Rips---The Delusions Of MAGA, Part 3
Since the election, inflation-adjusted paychecks have gone nowhere and almost anything else you can name business investment, employment and even real GDP continue to slog along in the tepid "recovery" channel that has prevailed since 2010.
The Delusions Of MAGA, Part 2
The US economic expansion is not roaring; it's still stumbling into debt-ridden old age---fixing to be battered by another round of collapsing financial bubbles and payback for growth stolen from the future.
The Delusions Of MAGA
The Donald took to some bragging during yesterday's annual tax filing moment assuring America's oppressed taxpayers that happier times beckon. In fact, he insinuated that MAGA is not just a slogan.
The March Labor Market Update: Feebleness And Malfunction
The labor force hasn’t grown because the economy hasn’t. It really is just that simple.
Not Your Grandfather's Trade War: Wall Street's Mindless Complacency, Part 3
If Trump ends up going the full monte on $150 billion of Chinese goods at a 25% levy, it will generate a windfall opportunity for foreign (and domestic) suppliers far greater than the $38 billion value of the tariff itself.
Not Your Grandfather's Trade War: The Revenge Of Bad Money, Part 2
The effect of central banking's bad money has been to preternaturally bulk up China's industrial economy and hollow out America's.
Not Your Grandfather's Trade War: The Revenge Of Bad Money, Part 1
If China goes down hard the global economy cannot avoid a thundering financial and macroeconomic dislocation.
It's The Trump Slump---But Don't Blame The Donald!
The first five quarters of the Trump Economy will have generated an average real GDP gain of $102 billion per quarter. Then again, during the previous three years (2014-2016) the quarterly growth rate was $99 billion per quarter.
Crazy Time All Around
What's really crazy is that at Elon Musk's currently claimed run rate of 200,000 vehicles per year, the company is losing about $10,000 per vehicle sold.
The S&P's 200-DMA: Why It Ain't No Maginot Line
For the last five years the S&P 500 has been dancing up its ascending 200-day moving average (200-DMA), bouncing higher repeatedly whenever the dip-buyers did their thing.
The Donald's Blind Squirrel Nails An Acorn
As the third great bubble of this century has accelerated towards its blow-off top, the robo-machines and momo traders have turned absolutely rabid, thereby enabling Bezos to go flat-out berserk in pursuit of growth at any cost.
The GOP's Fiscal Surrender: Why A "Yield Shock" Is Baked Into The Cake
The U.S. Treasury is fixing to sell the staggering sum of $294 billion in bills, notes and bonds this week, and it's a holiday-shortened week at that.
Who Needs Wall Street When You Can Have A Monetary Unicorn?
The single most important price in all of capitalism is the interest rate----and at all points on the maturity curve. And the single most important truth about honest interest rates is that they must be discovered by markets.
$21 Trillion And Counting: Fed Misdirection And Powell's Powder Puff Presser (Part 4)
The Fed's massive balance sheet expansion under QE destroyed the historical federal funds market long ago.
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