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President at Money Strong, LLC; Former Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
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Called "The Dallas Fed's Resident Soothsayer" by D Magazine, Danielle DiMartino Booth is sought after for her depth of knowledge on the economy and financial markets. She is a well-known speaker who can tailor her message to a myriad of audiences, once spending a week crossing the ... more


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The Dark Side Of The Boon
Like it or not, the unrounded core inflation for January came in closer to a gain of 0.4%. In other words, look for the year-over-year rate’s next stop to be 1.9%. What could offset this march upwards?
Red Gold: Does China Aim To Dethrone The Dollar?
Rumors of the dollar’s imminent death continue to circulate. Maybe the cryptocurrency contingency is right. Maybe the dollar is headed the way of British Pound Sterling.
Jay Powell – A Quiet Leader
The sheer breadth of Powell’s experience is refreshing compared to what we’ve had for the past 30 years. Powell has a deep understanding of the law and politics.
The Smell Of Dry Paint In The Morning
What’s a pension to do? Fraught managers are apt to throw more of your money at alternatives as tax revenues rise to compensate for what pensions cannot make up in returns.
Will Corporate Bonds Cross Over?
The last two years of levering up have exacted rapid damage: earnings have fallen to less than six times interest expense, this during an era of unprecedented low interest rates.
Central Banks To Investors: “I Know Nothing!”
Blind faith in those who’ve been assigned tasks has long handicapped Fed leadership.
Will US Drillers Drive Oil Prices Into The Ground?
A little economic diversification could go a long way for Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest economy whose GDP is forecast to barely register in the positive this year.
Woman On Fire
The Fed will once again appear to rise above the fray of so many naysayers, sloughing off worrywarts as Cassandras. The bulls will have their heroes and heroines to indemnify their vitriol.
Housing In America: Movin’ On Up
Is it too intuitive for intellectuals to infer that housing is the biggest line item in an average household’s budget?
The U.K. Election: An Outsider Looking In
These days we embrace the despicable denigration of our currencies. We go so far as to lavish the loftiest positions in the modern world on those whose most lauded accomplishments have been earned in laureates.
Beware Of Central Bankers Bearing Gifts
The Federal Reserve’s last Federal Open Market Committee Minutes warned that “equity prices are quite high relative to standard valuation measures.”
The Running Of The Bulls’ Mouths
The confluence of factors converging to bring stocks down are precisely what will keep them levitating for longer than any logical person could surmise.
Pension Tension, Part 2: Don’t California My Texas!
In 2016, Texas ranked fourth in Business Costs; California 43rd. Though there are a myriad of contributing factors to the relative unattractiveness of the Golden State, deeply underfunded pensions sit high on the list.
EC Pension Tension: Uncle Sam Walking Tightrope Into The Unknown
In the same way compounding interest escalates the growth of your original investment, double denial in pensions renders the damage inflicted permanent.
Ode To Investors: Super Size Me!
Investors are excelling at obedience in such rude form they’ve plowed fresh monies into emerging market debt funds for 12 weeks running.
EC America’s Gilded Age 2: On The Rocks
Trickle-down economics is a fantasy at best during good times; it’s worse when the economy turns south.
1 to 16 of 88 Posts
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