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Beating The Market With ETF Rotation Systems
Investors can outperform a buy and hold strategy in the long term by implementing quantitative trading strategies based on trend following and relative strength in different asset classes and sectors.
Why I Own Mastercard Stock
Mastercard has delivered spectacular returns for investors over the years. The stock has gained over 1,080% in the last decade, far surpassing the S&P 500 index and its cumulative gain of 175.8%.
Arista Networks Down 30%: Buying Opportunity?
Arista Networks is down by almost 30% from its highs of the last year. This is mostly due to a broad market selloff particularly affecting growth stocks in the tech sector lately.
Microsoft: The Numbers Look Good
Microsoft is delivering solid revenue growth and profitability metrics. The stock is reasonably priced by industry standards.
Nvidia Stock: The Numbers Look Good
Nvidia's stock is priced for demanding growth expectations, but valuation is not excessive if the company can deliver in accordance with those expectations.
Is Now A Good Time To Buy Amgen?
Amgen is a high-quality business generating strong cash flows. From a quantitative perspective, the numbers bode well for investors in Amgen going forward.


AAPL Apple Inc.
ABBV AbbVie Inc.
AMAT Applied Materials Inc.
AMGN Amgen Inc.
ANET Arista Networks, Inc.
BA The Boeing Company
BABA Alibaba
BAC Bank of America Corporation
BBY Best Buy Co.
C Citigroup Inc.
CAT Caterpillar Inc.
COIN Converted Organics Inc.
CRM inc.
DIS The Walt Disney Company
FB Facebook Inc
GBTC Bitcoin Investment Trust
GILD Gilead Sciences Inc.
GM General Motors Company
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
GOOGL Google (A shares)
HD Home Depot Inc.
IBM International Business Machines Corporation
INTC Intel Corporation
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.
LRCX Lam Research Corporation
MA MasterCard Incorporated
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