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What Is TalkMarkets?
TalkMarkets is a digital media company that covers the diverse world of finance, featuring contributed content from leading experts in the field, while utilizing innovative social media tools for an interactive discussion of investing ideas and more. But with so many existing contributor platforms out there, why become a contributor to TM?

TalkMarkets is unlike any other contributor-based site.  We customize what our readers see based on their interests, preferences, and investment sophistication, ensuring a unique browsing experience that is quick, easy and personally relevant.

We also put a stronger emphasis on the social aspect of investing as we believe investing is both more informative and fun when done with friends, peers and mentors. So we've made interacting easy by incorporating the best social media tools and creating a few of our own. 

Additionally, we are the first ever "contributor-owned" site and have set aside a pool of equity for our founding contributors who can earn more for helping us grow (more on that below)! 

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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Contributor?
Like many contributor-based sites, we offer contributors sophisticated tools and great exposure - our headlines appear on major sites such as Reuters, Seeking Alpha, Investopedia, Zacks, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN and many others for a combined reach of over 800 million monthly readers.

But we offer something that no other website does.  On other sites, contributors need to choose between selling the rights to their content or writing for free. TalkMarkets is a contributor-owned site which offers its contributors equity in the company. This has never been done before. We believe it is the only way to create a true partnership and to align our interests with those of our contributors and to ensure they personally benefit from our success.

We're also building innovative tools by which our contributors can interact with their followers, contacts, subscribers and each other.

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Doron Yoets 1 month ago Contributor's comment

Hello, I currently write for seeking alpha and yahoo finance. How can I get started as a contributor?

Boaz Berkowitz 1 month ago Contributor's comment

Hi Doron, thanks for your interest. I know our editors are already reviewing your first submission now. We'll be in touch with more info shortly!

Doron Yoets 1 month ago Contributor's comment

Thank you! Sending another article your way!

Mujahid Rasul 2 months ago Member's comment

Hey Boaz and Michal, I hope you are doing well. I am a Contributor at Seeking Alpha and Gurufocus. How Can I get started as Contributor for TalkMarkets?

Doron Yoets 1 month ago Contributor's comment

Hey Rasul, Is Gurufocus more difficult than seeking alpha? Do they only look for certain strategies?

Boaz Berkowitz 2 months ago Contributor's comment

Hi Mujahid Rasul, thanks for your interest in being a contributor to TalkMarkets. I've seen your work on Seeking Alpha and will send you a direct message with more information.

Gregory A. Clay 4 months ago Contributor's comment

What is the methodology for applying a monetary value to Contributors Earned Equity Points?


Boaz Berkowitz 3 months ago Contributor's comment

Hi Gregory A. Clay, thanks for your question. I just sent you an email with an extensive answer for you!

Ayelet Wolf 1 year ago Member's comment


Bill Johnson 1 year ago Member's comment

TalkMarkets is clearly the future.

Bill Myers 1 year ago Member's comment

Wow, this is groundbreaking! I so wish I had made the cut.

Barry Hochhauser 1 year ago Member's comment

This is a remarkably impressive site and contributor program.

Morton H. Sachs 1 year ago Member's comment

what is the cost to participate???

Boaz Berkowitz 1 year ago Contributor's comment

Hi Morton, thanks for your interest. There is no cost to be a contributor, on the contrary - we pay you in actual equity. I'll send you some details directly.

David Hartzell 1 year ago Contributor's comment

I am currently a contributor to Seeking Alpha and hundreds of other publications. How do we get started? Dave Hartzell President and CEO Cornell Capital Management Hartzell Long/Short LLC

Boaz Berkowitz 1 year ago Contributor's comment

Hi David, Michal and I remember you from our days at Seeking Alpha. How have you been? Looking forward to working with you again!

Michal Slawny 1 year ago Author's comment

Hi David, thanks for reaching out! To get you started, all I need from you is your photo, bio and your first article you'd like published on TalkMarkets. Please send it all to michals talkmarkets.com and I'll be in touch. Thank you and Happy Holidays!