E CVR Medical: A New Approach To Cardiovascular Care

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CVR Medical (CRRVF) (TSX-V:CVM) is a medical device company whose primary product, the Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS), is on track for FDA market clearance. The device uses patent-protected science to detect ischemia of the carotid artery, a direct risk factor for ischemic stroke. In what the company calls "game-changing technology," the CSS is able to identify blockage within the arterial system and arm the clinician with the information necessary to potentially deter catastrophic events such as stroke in the future.


CVR’s Carotid Stenotic Scan utilizes patented subsonic sound analysis to determine the presence of arterial disease/blockage in the patient by analyzing the link between fluid flow and subsonic frequencies. More specifically, the device analyzes and takes into consideration the low frequency vibrations that radiate from the carotid arteries. When the blood is flowing through the arteries there is a production of wave patterns. These wave patterns are read by the machine and mathematically analyzed through CVR’s patented algorithm. This algorithm then determines an accurate percentage of stenosis with a range. This allows the immediate interpretation by doctors of what's happening inside the arteries.


While new science and new technology is always what gets people excited, it's the pragmatics that often ultimately dictate success or failure. As company COO/EVP Tony Robinson told us,

Currently, there are other devices on the market which can detect this disease, but none which can act as a cost-effective tool to detect this presence early on when actions can be taken to prevent the negative outcomes. The CSS will empower the Primary Care Physician with the information necessary to either implement the proper treatment themselves, or refer onto a cardiovascular specialist. The overall goal is to not rival other modalities on the market, but instead streamline the process and ensure that the patients who most need medical care are able to receive it.  

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Berk Gedikoglu 9 hours ago Member's comment

I've got to say, CVR definitely seems like it has a lot of potential. I don't too much about the industry, however. This article has definitely inspired me to do my homework.

Susan Miller 9 hours ago Member's comment

I've added $CRRVF to my list of stocks to follow here. Would love an update.

Katy Lin 5 days ago Member's comment

This sounds like it could really extend people's lives!

Craig Newman 5 days ago Member's comment

This sounds very promising. I admit I was not previously familiar with this company. I'll be doing some more research on them.

David J. Williamson 6 days ago Member's comment

Looks good, thanks.

Doug Morris 6 days ago Member's comment

Very impressed with these innovations and medical advancements. Bullish on $CRRVF.

Wendell Brown 1 week ago Member's comment

I like the idea that this could become the indispensable EKG of stroke prevention. In our litigious society once there is something a doctor COULD do, they can be sued if they don't....

Bill Johnson 1 week ago Member's comment

Impressed with what I see here about $CRRVF. Thanks.

John Fitch 9 hours ago Member's comment

Impressive indeed. But I want to know more about what advancements the competition may have up their sleeves as well. Intrigued but cautious on $CRRVF.

Michael Molman 1 week ago Contributor's comment

These type of companies provide huge opportunities, since FDA clearance will most likely send the stock through the roof. Unfortunately they are also very risky since the company needs that clearance in order to stay in business. The concept is interesting though and I will keep the stock on my radar. $CRRVF

Danielle Rogers 1 week ago Member's comment

Agreed. But you also need to keep an eye on the competition. Terry Chrisomalis, what's the competative landscape look like?

Harry Goldstein 1 week ago Member's comment

These developments sound very impressive. At my age, I enjoy investing in stocks that can actually benefit me personally in more than just a financial sense. Will be looking into $CRRVF.

Angry Old Lady 1 week ago Member's comment

I couldn't agree with you more Harry Goldstein.