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Take Collateral In Physical Gold If You Lend Money To Your Bank
Article By: Egon Von Greyerz
Thursday, September 20, 2018 2:47 PM EDT
There is always a silver lining of course and a golden one. Silver and gold, together with precious metal stocks, will soon start an extraordinary journey to levels that few can imagine.
In this article: XAU, GLD, SLV, AMZN, DJI
Gold Miners Attempting Multi-Year Breakout
Article By: Chris Kimble
Monday, September 17, 2018 1:35 PM EDT
The Junior Miners/Senior Miners Ratio (GDXJ/GDX) can often signal when key turning points are about to take place for Gold & Silver Miners.
In this article: XAU, GDX, GDXJ
Metals Markets Report - Friday, September 7
Video By: Ira Epstein
Friday, September 7, 2018 9:00 PM EDT
The big item this week was the decline in emerging markets and what the Fed will do with these emerging markets once they start cratering.
In this video: PALL, GDX, GLD, JJC, PPLT, SLV, SPX, XAU
Gold Price Outlook: XAU/USD Reversal Constructive Above 1180
Article By: DailyFX
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 1:03 PM EDT
Gold prices have rebounded more than 3% off the yearly lows registered last week with the advance looking a bit vulnerable just ahead of structural resistance.
In this article: GLD, UDN, XAU
Spotlight On The HUI And XAU Gold Mining Indexes
Article By: Ronan Manly
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 1:44 PM EDT
Take a look at most gold investing websites and you will invariably see the tickers HUI and XAU. But what are the HUI and XAU indexes, how are they constructed, and who operates them? And most importantly, which gold mining stocks do they represent?
In this article: HUI, XAU Also: SLV, GDX, GDL


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Chart Of The Day – Golden Cross
Jim Mckee 1/7/2017 11:06:07 PM

It's all about time frames, of course. So if you check the monthly chart with the same moving averages, the 50 has passed down thru the 100 for the 1ST time in at least 14yrs (as far back as TOS goes on the /GC)

Check $XAU, the 50 break down is more pronounced and price has just lost the 50 after breaking up thru it.

Time frames...

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