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Stocks Outlook - Saturday, August 18
Article By: Troy Bombardia
Saturday, August 18, 2018 7:59 PM EDT
The economy and stock market move in the same direction in the medium-long term. Hence, leading economic indicators are also leading indicators for the stock market.
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S&P 500 To Set New Records: Ride High With These ETFs
Article By: Sweta Killa
Wednesday, August 8, 2018 10:39 PM EDT
There are a number of leveraged products in the market that offer multiple exposure to the index through the use of swaps, options, future contracts and other financial instruments.
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E Some Signs That The Bull Market's Top Is Not In
Article By: Troy Bombardia
Thursday, April 19, 2018 6:02 AM EDT
There's a big debate going on right now in the financial markets. Was January 2018 the top of this bull market? Probably not.
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Above The 40 – The Stock Market Breaks Out With A French Fly
Article By: Dr. Duru
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 2:59 AM EDT
Going into the first round of the French Presidential election, I figured the best case scenario was the absence of a market sell-off. I never even considered the possibility that the prospect of the election was actually weighing on the stock market
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Above The 40 – Synched Junctures In Financial Markets As A Bullish Divergence Tries To Shine
Article By: Dr. Duru
Saturday, April 1, 2017 1:46 PM EDT
On Thursday, the S&P 500 closed above its downtrending 20-day moving average and finally tipped my short-term trading call back into the camp of the bulls.
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