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Trade Setups For Where This Market Is Headed Next
Video By: TheoTrade
Saturday, November 3, 2018 7:03 PM EST
When the largest company on the planet lowers forward guidance the market listens. Stocks end the week lower led by AAPL. In this crucial weekend video newsletter update we focus on the opportunities in the coming week.
In this video: AAPL, SPX, AMZN, TGT, JWN, M, SPY, XLF
Discussing The Short-Vol Trade, Indicators And The Consumer
Video By: Seth Golden
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 8:37 PM EST
In an interview with David Moadel, I discuss macro-economics and how it relates to volatility trading as well as my thoughts on the market for 2018, inflation concerns and the consumer.
In this video: XRT, TGT, WMT, TJX, SBUX Also: VIX, SPX, SPY, UVXY, VXX, TVIX
How Target Is Challenging Amazon
Video By: CNBC
Thursday, October 11, 2018 10:35 AM EST
As it redesigns its stores, Target is getting back to offering fashion-forward merchandise at decent prices. If it can keep that momentum going, it will help set the company apart from its peers including Walmart, Amazon and Kroger.
In this video: TGT, AMZN Also: WMT, KR
US Retailers Warn Trade Wars Will Unleash "Unavoidable" Price Hikes Before Holidays
Article By: Tyler Durden
Friday, September 28, 2018 7:14 PM EST
Caught in the middle of the tariff crossfire are US retailers, who have warned on investor calls about imminent price hikes during the upcoming holiday season, which could send shock waves through the wallets of American consumers.
In this article: BBY, TGT, WMT
3 Growth Stocks To Pick From The Retail-Discount Industry
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 9:40 PM EST
There seems to be a lot of cheer in the Retail/Discount Stores industry that has surged close to 46% in a year’s time, with quite a few companies cutting a promising figure.
In this article: TGT, TJX, BURL


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Athleisure Remains The Best “Fit” In Fashion Stocks
Kurt Benson 4/7/2017 7:46:10 PM

It is a tough time for department stores. I just don't see how they can compete with #Amazon and others like it. Not to mention, if #Trump can push through his new tax plan, it will kill stores especially, #Walmart and #Target. $AMZN $WMT $TGT

Recent Purchase – Target and T. Rowe Price
Carl Schwartz 9/20/2016 3:47:21 PM

Looks like smart buys. $TGT $TROW

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